No matter what your age, outdoor activities and play supports our social development, boosts our physical and mental health and brings us closer to nature. Never has this been more noticeable than during the Covid pandemic when many of us made the most of our local outdoor playable spaces.

Play, in its many different forms, is an essential element of helping children to have the best start in life and supporting people of all ages to live as well as possible, for as long as possible.

Our Playable Spaces Strategy, created in partnership with Public Health, builds on knowledge and previous public feedback to address some of the barriers to play to help us instil lifelong habits of physical activity and wellbeing.

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We're starting a rolling plan to engage with local communities about play areas on a site-by-site basis to make sure improvements meet the needs of the community it serves.

Due to the number of play spaces we manage we will have to do this in stages. This means we may not be asking for comments about your local play space quite yet, but you can take part in engagement on any site you wish. Each play area is unique, which also means some questions, or our approach to engagement, may be slightly different.

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The Playable Spaces project is rolling programme of work with sites being prioritised by the age of equipment, condition, and community requirements. Please keep an eye out for Playable Spaces engagement taking place in your area and where you travel to, as we'd love to hear your thoughts.


We'll be working with our communities and partners to ensure people have the opportunities to:

  • Stay healthy through physical activity
  • Improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Socially interact with others of all ages and communities
  • Enjoy contact with nature
  • Grow their social development through exploration, resilience, creativity and problem solving.


Sites will be refurbished on a case-by-case basis to be:

  • Well connected with the wider community
  • Designed within the context of their environment
  • Encouraged to be smoke-free
  • Safe places to play where communities come together
  • Effectively maintained and are financially sustainable.


We will provide a diverse range of high quality play options that:

  • Are designed for all ages, not just children
  • Are safe, fun, relevant and engaging
  • Help to reduce physical and social barriers so it's easier to access play
  • Complement other local play areas
  • Improve the quality of the play offer throughout Kirklees.

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