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Proposal to expand the number of special school places at Woodley School and College

A non-statutory consultation took place between 29 September 2023 and 27 October 2023 on a proposal to increase the places available at Woodley School and College to 194 pupil places gradually over time, using satellite provision, ahead of and leading up to the new school rebuild. An outcomes report on the feedback received from the consultation has now been published and has informed a decision by the local authority to publish legal notices.

Kirklees Council is withdrawing the statutory proposal made on 13 November 2023 and is replacing it with an identical statutory proposal. The only change is to the timeline for the statutory process. The reason for taking this approach is that internal cross-checking processes revealed a technical omission in the original statutory process which would have compromised final decision-making.

Publishing a statutory proposal means another opportunity to view the proposal and comment on it before a final decision is made. The consultation will run until 8 February 2024. Full details of the proposal and how to respond can be found in the Woodley expansion statutory proposal.


Dates are subject to change and will be dependent on approval to move to each stage.

Woodley School and College consultation timeline
Event Date
Publication of consultation outcome report November 2023
Publication of statutory notices and representation period January 2024
Final decision by Cabinet (within 2 months) March 2024
Implementation Implementation will be gradual from March 2024

School place planning documents 2023-26

Historic school place planning documents

Previous school reorganisation proposals

Developing Special Educational Needs (SEND) provision in mainstream schools

A non-statutory consultation took place between 24 June 2022 and 22 July 2022 on proposals for new Additionally Resourced Provisions (ARPs), previously known as 'specialist provision', in mainstream schools. The new ARPs will specialise in social, emotional and mental health; cognition and learning; and complex communication and interaction needs as follows:

Social, emotional and mental health needs

Beaumont Primary Academy - Up to 12 places

Carlinghow Academy - Up to 12 places

Complex communication and interaction needs

Netherhall St James CE (VC) Infant and Nursery School - Up to 12 places

Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School - Up to 12 places

Netherhall Learning Campus High School - Up to 20 places

Cognition and learning

Old Bank Academy - Up to 16 places

Additional information

An outcomes report on the feedback received from the consultation was published on 23 September 2022 and informed decisions by the local authority and the relevant Academy Trusts, as appropriate, to move to the next stage.

On 17 January 2023 Kirklees Council Cabinet approved a statutory proposal to establish new Additionally Resourced Provision for Complex Communication and Interaction needs at Netherhall St James CE (VC) Infant and Nursery School, Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School and Netherhall Learning Campus High School. Cabinet also approved an additional proposal to remove the registered Additionally Resourced Provision for Physical Impairment at Netherhall St James CE (VC) Infant and Nursery School and Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School, which has not been operational for two years due to a lack of demand for places.

Academy Trusts were required to submit significant change business cases to Regional Department for Education Director for approval. The creation of new Additionally Resourced Provisions was approved by the Regional Director on 1 February 2023 for Beaumont Academy and Old Bank Academy and on 20 February 2023 for Carlinghow Academy.

Joseph Norton Academy

Joseph Norton is an oversubscribed special school catering for 63 pupils in Key Stages 2-4 with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) difficulties. Between 20 September 2022 and 17 October 2022 Wellspring Academy Trust and Kirklees Council consulted on the following proposals:

  1. That the age range at Joseph Norton Academy be expanded to accommodate pupils in KS1 and KS5.
  2. That the number of places at the school increases from 63 to 132.
  3. That Joseph Norton Academy be moved from its current location in Scissett to a new site in Deighton.

Full details of the proposals can be found on the Joseph Norton Academy website . Further updates about the project on will be shared on this page as they arise.

Changes to St John's CE (VC) Infant School

On 2 December 2021, the Schools Adjudicator made the decision to approve the proposal from the governing body of St. John's CE (VC) Infant School in Dewsbury to extend the school's age range from 4-7 years to 4-11 years from September 2022. This means that over time St John's will become an all-through primary school. As a result of the decision to change the age range, the local authority (as the admission authority) was obliged to make an application to the Schools Adjudicator to request a reduction in the Published Admission Number (PAN) of St. John's CE (VC) Infant School from 60 to 30 from September 2022. This is because the implementation plan put forward by the school's governing body and considered by the Adjudicator assumed the school's PAN would reduce from 60 to 30. On 21 December 2021 the Schools Adjudicator approved the reduction in the PAN of St. John's CE (VC) Infant School from 60 to 30 from September 2022.

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