Huddersfield Railway Station is already a striking arrival place for visitors. However, the Transpennine Route Upgrade provides an opportunity to look at improving facilities around the station. This will involve residential opportunities, better connections, leisure opportunities such as cafes and restaurants and a new hotel. All of which will improve the experience for residents and visitors.

Exterior of Huddersfield train station at nighttime

Key projects

The George Hotel

Bringing this iconic building back to life has been a hot topic for many people of our town. The George Hotel is the main building you see when coming out of the train station and when it is restored and opens its doors once again, is in a grand position to welcome visitors. You can read more about the plans for the George Hotel.

A light show in Saint George's Square

Huddersfield rail station connections

Huddersfield Rail Station Connections project will help achieve the objectives of the town centre blueprint. You can read more about the plans for Huddersfield rail station connections

Exterior of Huddersfield train station at daytime

Transforming Huddersfield bus station

The Huddersfield Bus Station proposals are the first stage of a wider package to transform the way people travel in and around Huddersfield, including better walking and cycling access for the bus station, railway station and the town centre. You can read more about the plans for Transforming Huddersfield bus station

The transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU)

The town features as part of the plans for the multi-billion pound Transpennine Route Upgrade (TRU). This game-changing investment in rail infrastructure will bring improved and more reliable rail services to Huddersfield, wider Kirklees and beyond.

We are determined for the benefits of transport innovation to be enjoyed by everyone, wherever they live, including those living and working in rural areas.

The Estate Buildings

As part of the Huddersfield Blueprint, the ambitious ten-year plan to create a thriving, modern-day town centre, we plan to bring about more residential development for Huddersfield. The aim is to deliver a variety of new homes, including making best use of some of Huddersfield's beautiful heritage buildings. You can read more about the plans for the Estate Buildings.

The Byram Arcade

You can read more about the plans for the The Byram Arcade.

The Station to Stadium Enterprise Corridor

The station to stadium enterprise corridor aims to grow and attract good quality jobs and businesses in Huddersfield for the benefit of the whole district, which will encourage and support businesses to grow and expand into the area. It relates to the area from Huddersfield Train Station, along Northumberland Street and Leeds Road to the Stadium, incorporating areas off St Andrew's Road and Gas Works Street along the way.You can read more about the plans for the Station to Stadium Enterprise Corridor.