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Holmfirth Town Centre Blueprint

Holmfirth is one of Kirklees' bustling beauty spots, and we want to prioritise the town's vibrancy as a place for people of all ages to meet, enjoy local businesses, culture, and events.

Nestled in some of our most beautiful countryside, it's already a great place to celebrate the landscape and local heritage. But as a modern market town, one of our priorities is helping local businesses thrive and face future challenges head-on.

On May 21st, Cabinet approved a £10 million capital programme for investment into local centres across the district; of this, Holmfirth Town Centre was allocated £1.5 million.

The Holmfirth Blueprint is about enhancing the town's appeal to visitors, but also as a place where people can put down roots and become part of a great community. We want to bring Holmfirth's streets to life and help the town thrive, make the town centre much more accessible and celebrate Holmfirth's identity.

Kirklees Council, local organisations, businesses, and residents are working together to develop a blueprint which defines a long-term shared vision and number of key projects for the town centre that its residents envisage.

A guide to Holmfirth Blueprint

Through workshops with local stakeholders a set of objectives were developed that will help deliver the Holmfirth Blueprint vision:

Bring streets to life

New multi-use car park and event space will bring the streets of Holmfirth to life

As part of the Town Centre Access Plan the demolition of the current, disused market hall will allow for a multi-functional outdoor space and widening of the bridge. This will create better town centre parking, new cycle parking and will support outdoor markets and events, drawing in visitors and boosting the local economy.

A pretty street in Holmfirth, with narrow pavements and cyclists riding into town

This scheme will include additional parking spaces and installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging points. The disabled parking spaces will also be moved to a more appropriate location at the level end of the car park, allowing much easier disabled access.

We'll also be creating a better public realm with new seating and new bin storage to improve the access and appearance of Hollowgate.

What happens next?

You may see contractors in and around Holmfirth from May onwards. This is to carry out investigative works and surveys.

The last day of trading in the Market Hall will be the 13th May. The market will then move between the Co-op car park in Crown Bottom and the Methodist Church and start trading on 18th May and will be independently ran by Holmfirth Community Market on behalf of Holmfirth Forward: a community led, not for profit organisation, run by local people who have a wide range of interests in the town centre and want to promote Holmfirth as a place for people to live, work and to visit.

Celebrate the identity of Holmfirth

Holmfirth is where our heart is

Holmfirth has a distinct physical and cultural heritage, which we want to support and celebrate.

Aerial view of the River Holme passing between Holmfirth streets

We're looking at more ways we can highlight this heritage and culture, through new projects and developments in the town centre.

We want to bring together all the strands and stories of the town's heritage and use these to give visitors and residents alike a strong sense of the town from the moment they first arrive.

Help Holmfirth to thrive

Making the most of our spaces will help Holmfirth to thrive

We're looking at key spaces in Holmfirth which could be repurposed, to bring even more variety and vibrance to this busy town centre.

As part of delivering the Holmfirth Blueprint we will be exploring ways to improve Town Gate, through public realm improvements providing new paving, seating, and tree planting, which shall make the area a pleasant space to relax and spend time.

Relocating the Royal Mail sorting office to a location outside the town centre could free up space for an exciting new development, which would add more to Holmfirth's charm.

Make Holmfirth accessible to all

Improving provision for pedestrians, cyclists, accessibility, public transport, and car users will make Holmfirth accessible to all

Holmfirth is busy and bustling, and some modernisation is needed to make sure everyone can enjoy the town centre. We're looking at how we balance the needs of traffic with those using active transport, to make it easier for people to visit the town centre.

Pedestrians using a zebra crossing in Holmfirth, while a queue of traffic waits on a sunny day

We're making more space for pedestrians and cyclists, who are at the heart of Holmfirth's community and economy. Creating better routes to walk and cycle around Holmfirth will both support people who are keen to make a change in the way they get around, and those who find moving around more challenging.

Our suggestions to improve accessibility for al in Holmfirth received some of the highest support during consultation, along with improving crossings, roads, and pavements, and general pedestrianisation. This is understandable as pedestrians make up a substantial portion of visitors to the town centre.

One of our priorities through the Holmfirth Blueprint is to create wider, safer footways which will support both able-bodied and disabled visitors to Holmfirth town centre.

The Town Centre Access Plan focuses on improving travel around Holmfirth, as well as access for pedestrians and cyclists. A large part of the Town Centre Access Plan will be tackling issues with congestion by changing the way traffic flows through the town centre, improving journey times in and out of Holmfirth.

As part of the Blueprint we are re-evaluating parking throughout the town centre and how people move around.

We are introducing a 20mph limit in some areas through the town centre, which should improve both safety and local air quality.

Updates are also planned to loading areas on Victoria Street, with a new loading bay and two disabled parking spaces to be introduced on the north side. These changes are aimed at preventing illegal parking, whilst providing businesses and disabled users with dedicated loading and parking facilities.

More parking, including better accessible parking, will also be provided through development of the new multi-use car park and event space on Huddersfield Road.

Put the River Holme back at the heart of the town

Putting the River Holme back at the heart of the town will provide an attractive and focal point for Holmfirth to be proud of

As the Holme River gives Holmfirth its name and is very much a part of the town's heritage and history, it's unsurprising that this objective has received the most public support so far.

View of Holme River running through Holmfirth town centre
View of Holme River running through Holmfirth town centre

We want to make the river a more picturesque feature, opening views over the water and creating access closer to the water's edge - as well as improving the river environment itself.

We're looking to redesign the bus station and Towngate car park, so people can spend time and enjoy both better views of the river and Holmfirth's beautiful town centre.


Kirklees Council and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority are currently investing £9million into Holmfirth town centre.


To find out more about the engagement undertaken by Kirklees Council, you can access the
Holmfirth Blueprint Consultation Report.

In November and December 2022, hundreds of local people gave their opinions on the 'The Holmfirth Town Centre Consultation plans', both online and in person. The results were positive and have really given a boost to our initiatives, as well as identifying key priorities for us going forward.

A public consultation on the initial plans was held in November through to December 2022. We also held workshops to make sure community organisations have opportunity to contribute.

We first began engaging with the public about changes to Holmfirth in 2019, exploring ways to address traffic issues within the town centre. This resulted in the Town Centre Access Plan, a £7.5 million scheme funded by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority. This scheme will introduce wider pavements and better crossings, creating more space for pedestrians. The Town Centre Access Plan now sits in the heart of the Holmfirth Blueprint.

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority approved the business case for the Town Centre Access Plan in March 2023, and construction is expected to start in Summer. From all our engagement with the local community, this is our priority project within the Holmfirth Blueprint.

Place standards

In autumn 2021, the community were asked to engage with our Place Standard team. Place Standard is a tool developed to help start conversations about specific locations, and we use it to find out what matters to our residents about their local area. This work formed a baseline which influenced the vision and objectives of the Holmfirth Blueprint. This can be found at: Your voice, your Holmfirth - How good is our place?

Latest News

During preliminary works taking place around the River Holme, it will be necessary to reduce the availability of parking spaces within Huddersfield Car Park and on Hollowgate until 29 September. Huddersfield Car Park will be reduced by five spaces to accommodate for welfare facilities, and three on-street spaces on Hollowgate will be taken for a laydown area and material storage.

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