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Our vision for Kirklees is to be a district that combines a strong, sustainable economy with a great quality of life - leading to thriving communities, growing businesses, high prosperity and low inequality where people enjoy better health throughout their lives.

Tackling inequalities: mission critical

In the immediate response phase to the pandemic we have had a clear shared mission with citizens and partners that has been focused on preventing the loss of life.

That focus on preventing the loss of life and protecting the most vulnerable will continue, but as we look towards recovering from the pandemic, we will also work together with people, partners and in our places to focus on tackling inequalities.

Local and national evidence clearly demonstrates the structural and social inequalities that exist in many communities and populations. Inequalities are felt across the different stages of people's lives. They may be experienced in different ways, but they all lead to significant impacts on economic status, education, good quality employment, safe and secure housing, as well as physical and mental health and your ability to feel included and valued.

COVID-19 has bluntly exposed these inequalities. Some people may be more at risk of transmission, at risk of poorer outcomes from infection, and at risk of greater impact from control measures. Health outcomes will be influenced by existing conditions and economic outcomes will disproportionally affect low-skilled workers and low-income households, regardless of whether or not they contract the virus.

That is why tackling the inequalities that exist in Kirklees will be the most important thing we do to help us recover from the pandemic and achieve our long-term ambitions. As part of our approach, we will also focus on delivering inclusive investment, tackling health inequalities, tackling poverty, and ultimately growing an inclusive, resilient economy that can recover from the ongoing impact the crisis is having.

And this is why we are bringing together a member-led Inequalities Commission to develop the actions we will take, make clear commitments to what we will do to help us in our recovery over the next 12 months, and set out a course for a much longer term focus. We will also make progress on some initial actions that will tackle inequalities head on and as a key part of the Inequalities Commission work, establish a set of indicators that will clearly measure our progress towards achieving this ambition.

Alongside our ambition to tackle inequalities, our commitment to developing thriving town centres continues. In the context of the pandemic our town centre blueprints are all the more important in helping our town centres adjust and prosper. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of high-quality local environments, and the possibilities of what we can achieve in improved air quality - our response to the climate emergency will build from this and take forward our significant commitment to make Kirklees completely carbon neutral by 2038.

How we'll achieve our vision

"I care for the place I live and the people that live there"

What this means for citizens is that:

Kirklees in 2030 will be shaped by our approach of working with people and partners using a place-based approach...

which will feed into our shared outcomes of:

which will achieve our vision...

which will in turn inform our approach.

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