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Working with people, partners and place

We use the phrase 'We're Kirklees' within our staff teams to reflect our pride in Kirklees and our commitment to working together for all our places.

Our response to the pandemic has shown how important our approach to 'people, partners and place', has been for helping us to achieve our outcomes, and this approach will continue to be important for helping to shape our recovery, in a way that leaves no one behind.

Our approach


We work with people, we don't do things to them. Our focus is on engaging people, building relationships based on trust, and working with people and communities to solve problems and make the most of opportunities.

A recovery shaped by people:

  • Develop strong community capacity and networks, building on the huge amount of support provided through the pandemic across all our places.
  • Support our communities with the physical and mental health impacts of COVID-19 and the effects of lockdown.
  • Support early years and schools settings to minimise the impact of lost education and ensure our children have the best start in life.
  • Support people back into employment post furlough and seek to open up new employment opportunities.


We work with and alongside our partners. With a shared sense of purpose, we bring our collective insight, expertise, and resources together to achieve greater impacts and make our local places even better.

A recovery alongside our partners:

  • Make the most of stronger, flexible, simpler and integrated connections.
  • Draw on community action and the momentum gained during the pandemic to tackle problems from a local perspective, with councillors at the heart.
  • Maintain cross-partner arrangements developed during the pandemic, with flexibility of scale, to cope with possible future pandemic response activities.


We recognise the unique identities of our local places, their strengths and aspirations. We know that one size doesn't fit all. We want to enable active citizens to make a difference, recognising their valuable skills, strengths and local knowledge, as well as delivering support and services that are shaped by local people.

A recovery rooted in local places:

  • Achieve place-based ways of working across all council services - supporting closer connections to the people, communities and services within our places.
  • Support councillors in their role as community leaders and advocates, and make the most of their connections within communities.
  • Move from economic support in response mode through to implementing our economic recovery plan, supporting and working with businesses, and in town and village centres to encourage a sense of pride in our places.
  • Implement our ambitious masterplans to accelerate regeneration and the recovery of the borough across all sectors of the economy.

A recovery shaped by people, alongside our partners and rooted in local places

Councillors, community groups and services are using the Place Standard to have local conversations and hear how people are feeling about their place. Many activities are led by communities, with our support. Over 7,500 people have already taken part. We're developing collaborative local action plans to design solutions, investing directly in the neighbourhood priorities identified by citizens through these conversations, and also using the insight to shape our investment in small town centres. Our Place Standard engagement work will inform the development and delivery of our three key strategies, the Kirklees Economic Strategy, Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy and Inclusive Communities Framework.

Our Place Partnerships, each convened by a lead councillor, are working on key issues that the council and our partners can best respond to on a geography that's larger than a ward, but smaller than Kirklees. The partnerships have invested almost £1m in supporting people's mental health in local places and £400k in tackling domestic abuse.

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