People in Kirklees have aspiration to achieve their ambitions through education, training employment and lifelong learning

We want children to achieve well and leave school ready for life and work. We want people to enjoy and value learning throughout their lives and businesses to support a skilled workforce. The Council has a role in making sure that education and learning is accessible and relevant to needs and opportunities now and in the future.

What we're aiming to achieve

  • People in Kirklees have access to the highest quality inclusive learning and education provision.
  • Learning provision responds to the needs of people throughout their lives.
  • Children making good progress and achieving the best outcome, and improved life chances for everyone.
  • A highly skilled population able to secure good jobs now and in the future.
  • People live in suitable and affordable homes in attractive places within a supportive community.

Tackling inequalities

The Kirklees Economic Recovery Plan recognises how the economic impacts of the pandemic have been most keenly felt by those already disadvantaged. It therefore seeks to build an inclusive economy as a cross-cutting theme. We also know that recessions historically impact young people disproportionately and in this case more so as the sectors that offer starter roles for many - retail and hospitality - have suffered some of the greatest impacts. We are therefore committed to scaling up our Works Better programme and to continue supporting adults furthest from the labour market to access sustainable employment and secure progression at work. We will also work to maximise the opportunities for Kirklees' residents offered by government schemes such as Kickstart

Measuring our impact

  • Performance at the end of Key Stage 4 (i.e. at end of GCSEs)
  • Adults qualified to level 4 or above (i.e. equivalent to a BTEC)
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