People in Kirklees experience a high quality, clean and green environment

Our built and natural environment contributes to people's quality of life and makes the district a more attractive place in which to live and invest. We want to connect people and places, improve air quality and be resilient in the face of extreme weather, as well as helping people reduce waste and recycle more.

What we're aiming to achieve

  • Well planned places and sustainable communities.
  • Better infrastructure for our communities.
  • People have access to greenspaces including appropriate sports and leisure opportunities.
  • Address the Climate Emergency in Kirklees and work towards achieving the 'net-zero' carbon emission target for 2038.

Tackling inequalities

In January 2019, the council declared a Climate Emergency in Kirklees, and since then, has been developing its approach to tackling this through the delivery of the Climate Emergency work programme. Following the adoption of a 'net-zero' carbon emission target for 2038, and commencing in 2020, we will disclose the district's emissions each year to the independent CDP ( - an international, non-profit disclosure organisation - to demonstrate our commitment to this agenda. We will ensure that we work to minimise inequalities in the impact of the work that we carry out through the programme in seeking to address the Climate Emergency.

Measuring our impact

  • Overall satisfaction with local area (%)
  • Waste recycling rate
  • Amount of household waste produced
  • Air quality
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