People in Kirklees live independently and have control over their lives

We want people in Kirklees to live their lives confidently, independently and with dignity. The right advice, help and support at the right time will empower people to take control of their own health and wellbeing, and connect people with caring and supportive communities.

What we're aiming to achieve

  • Joined up and personalised support which enables independence, helps people to live as close to home as possible, draws on support from their communities and prevents or delays inappropriate admission to hospital or long term care.
  • If people need it they can choose between a broad range of high quality options for care and support and are always treated with dignity and respect.
  • People can successfully manage the changes in their lives.
  • People live in suitable and affordable homes in attractive places within a supportive community.

Tackling inequalities

People who sleep rough or are at risk of sleeping rough usually have multiple and complex needs, and are extremely vulnerable. To help address the inequalities experienced by rough sleepers, the Housing Solutions Service works proactively and holistically to address not just their housing needs, but all other factors which have led to their vulnerability. During the pandemic, under the Government's 'Everyone In' initiative, all verified rough sleepers were offered accommodation. Our focus going forward is now about providing person-centred wraparound support for these people, including help to access appropriate move-on accommodation, enabling them to leave emergency accommodation and live independently. The support provided by the Housing Solutions Service will continue to be wide-ranging, depending on each person's needs including support for mental and physical health, substance misuse, and developing independent living skills. Over the coming months, support will be enhanced by new specialisms within the team, one focusing on drug and alcohol misuse/addiction, and another focusing on adult social care and safeguarding. These specialisms will enable the team to access more timely and bespoke support for vulnerable rough sleepers. Work will also continue to develop our multi-agency approach to identifying and supporting rough sleepers, in recognition of the need to work collaboratively to achieve better outcomes for individuals.

Measuring our impact

  • Percentage of people who need help or support to continue to live in their own home
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