This page is for sponsors who have been matched with an individual or family

Homes for Ukraine scheme tells you what to if you would like to become a sponsor.

We check a number of things when you are matched with a Ukrainian individual or family. We can also advise on support available for refugees arriving in Kirklees.

We are developing local support for sponsors in Kirklees working alongside partners and other councils in Yorkshire and the Humber.

We will be setting up a network for sponsors to talk to each other. There will also be cultural awareness sessions and other webinar and training opportunities.

What we check when you have registered as a sponsor

The checks we do don't hold up the visa process

We have no involvement or influence over the visa process. Our checks are on your household and the accommodation you will provide.

Property checks

You will receive an appointment to to inspect the accommodation you have offered

Appointments may be outside of usual hours on evenings and weekends.

They are prioritised where the Government tells us that a visa has been issued. Visas which are pending are booked next.

All accommodation is different and while there is no set expectation, your accommodation needs to be free from serious health and safety hazards. You should make sure your home is safe for your guests and is in a suitable condition for them to move into.

Consider how many people you can accommodate

Make sure they have sufficient space. Two people should not be in one room unless they are:

  • adult cohabiting partners
  • a parent and child
  • two siblings of the same gender if aged over 10
  • two siblings regardless of gender if aged under 10.

Individuals who didn't previously know each other should not be given the same room.

Other property checks that we do

We will also check that the property:

  • has adequate kitchen and bathroom space and access to drinking water;
  • has a working smoke detector on each floor and other fire safety precautions suitable for the building - for example, fire doors or escape routes as appropriate;
  • has a working carbon monoxide detector in any room containing a solid fuel burning appliance - for example, a coal fire or wood burning stove;
  • has sufficient heating to keep the property at a comfortable temperature;
  • has safe gas appliances, fittings and flues and that you have undertaken a gas safety check within the last year;
  • has safe and working electrics, which a qualified electrician can help with if you are unsure;
  • is almost entirely free of damp or mould;
  • has doors and windows at entry level that lock properly;
  • is easy and safe to move around in, including any garden and other outdoor space your guests may use.

If your property does not meet any of these expectations, we will give you advice and guidance on how to fix this as quickly as possible.

Suitability checks

We take all steps necessary to make sure people arriving from the Ukraine are coming to safe homes in Kirklees. We expect most people to be acting in good faith, but we must ensure we do all we can where there might be a risk.

What we do:

  • share names, addresses and date of birth of potential sponsors with West Yorkshire Police
  • do a DBS check
  • check our internal records for things like people barred from working with vulnerable adults or children and other systems that may indicate a risk of harm.

Everyone hosting children will receive a visit from our Early Help and Support Team to discuss their hosting arrangements.

If we have any safeguarding concerns or queries, we will discuss them with you. There may be circumstances where we cannot recommend you as a host. We have a duty of care to make sure, as best we can, that people coming from Ukraine will be safe here.

DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks

If you have an existing DBS please let us know on the form we sent with the covering email so that we can check it.

We will need to check original ID documents as part of the DBS check, such as a photo driving license, birth certificate and passport.

We may still be required to do a further enhanced DBS or apply for an updated DBS if the guidance requires us to. We will pay the cost of the application.

Basic DBS checks

We do a basic DBS check on all adults in your household if the accommodation is self-contained or only adults without specific vulnerabilities are coming into it.

Enhanced DBS checks

We do an enhanced DBS check on all on all people in your household over 16 years of age if:

  • children under the age of 18 are going to be accommodated. This includes a check of the list of people barred from working with children.
  • an adult is going to be accommodated who is vulnerable due to illness, disability or age and has needs which the sponsor will have to provide support for.This includes a check of the list of people barred from working with adults.

What to do when your guest arrives

Please contact us as soon as your guest arrives.

Check that they aren't running out of essential medication that can only be prescribed by a doctor. See medical requirements and other health needs for guidance on registering with a GP.

If you are welcoming a family with children under 18

You will receive a call from an Early Help Consultant (family support) to arrange to visit your home to meet you and your guests. They will:

  • check that everything is ok
  • check your guest's ID
  • provide £200 per guest payment including children to support them financially until benefits are applied for. Each payment will be on a prepayment card.

The visit from Early Support can advise you on basic home safety if you are not used to having young children in your home. We will provide you with some good websites to visit for advice.

If everybody arriving is over 18 years old

You will receive a call from an Adult Services social worker to arrange to visit your home to meet you and your guests. They will:

  • check that everything is ok
  • check your guest's ID
  • provide £200 per guest payment including children to support them financially until benefits are applied for. Each payment will be on a prepayment card.

Financial support

Initial payment of £200 to each guest

What to do when your guest arrives tells you how you will receive this.

Government payment of £350 per month

This 'thank you' payment is available to sponsors for the first 12 months of sponsorship, while the guest remains in the accommodation you have provided.

It is a tax-free payment.

  • This is limited to one monthly payment per residential address, regardless of the number of individuals sponsored.
  • It is administered by Kirklees Council and will be based on full pre-arrival checks taking place and your guest arriving with you.
  • We will agree a payment date once safeguarding and housing checks are complete.
  • Payments will stop after 12 months or when the sponsorship ends if sponsorship is for less than 12 months.

Ending your sponsorship period

Sponsors are committed to hosting guests for a minimum of six months, but you may choose to continue beyond the initial six months and up to three years if you and your guest want to do so.

Let your guests know when your sponsorship will end

Let your guest know in plenty of time so they can make other arrangements.

If your guest wants to remain in Kirklees they need to contact the council as soon as possible. They have access to public funds during their time in the UK, and at the end of their sponsorship will be able to rent a property like anyone else.

If they need further support, we can support them to find alternative accommodation.

Tell us what support is required

Support for your guests to move into their own home

Guests will be able to access all benefits for the three years that they are allowed to remain. These include Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance where there are housing costs.

Demand for social housing in the Kirklees is high and many more people want social housing than the number of homes available. Being registered does not mean they will be successful and waiting times are lengthy.

Joining the housing register Guide to renting privately

Ending your sponsorship early

  • Phone 01484 414888 straight way if for any reason you need to end the sponsorship arrangement early.
  • Phone 01484 221350 if you need to do this urgently.

We will help guests to find alternative accommodation. This could be help with a sponsor rematch, support to find private rented accommodation or access to hostels.

Tell us what support is required

Let us know what support the Ukrainian individual or family may need to settle into life in Kirklees.

Support could include, but is not limited to:

  • English language classes
  • access to healthcare
  • school places
  • access to benefits
  • items of clothing

You can request support online or visit our Welcome Club to get advice.

Welcome Club at Huddersfield Ukrainian Club

How to request support online

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

Paperclip You must have successfully matched with a Ukrainian individual or family. If you have registered your interest but have not yet been matched you do not need to complete this form.

Request support for Ukrainian refugees
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If you suspect that somebody is at risk

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