Who is an adult at risk

A vulnerable adult at risk is anyone aged 18 and over who is not able to care for or protect themselves from harm or exploitation. It might be because of mental health, disability, age or illness.

What is abuse?

Abuse can be:

  • something that happens once
  • something that happens repeatedly
  • a deliberate act
  • something that was unintentional, perhaps due to a lack of understanding
  • a crime

To help decide whether someone is at risk read recognising abuse or neglect.

Who commits abuse?

Abuse can happen anywhere, at any time and be caused by anybody including:

  • a partner or relative
  • a friend or neighbour
  • a paid or volunteer carer
  • other service users
  • someone in a position of trust
  • a stranger

What to do if you witness abuse

If you see or hear someone being harmed or abused, or someone has told you they are being harmed or abused:

In an emergency, don't wait - call 999

  • get medical help if they have been hurt
  • call the police on 101 if you suspect a crime
  • listen and reassure the victim
  • preserve evidence (the police will tell you about this)
  • if you are a patient or visitor to a hospital or other health facility, you should immediately report your concerns to a member of staff.

What to do if you suspect abuse

  • always listen carefully
  • make a note of what has happened or what you are worried about
  • if you are an adult who is being abused, or think you may be, talk to someone you trust or contact us
  • if you are a person, an adult at risk trusts to tell about abuse, ask their permission to contact us, or the police, if a criminal offence is suspected
  • if you are a paid carer or volunteer, tell your manager or another manager in your agency

Report abuse - for a member of the public

If an adult is in danger first ensure the individual is safe. Call the emergency services if immediate help is needed.

If you are concerned that an adult at risk living in Kirklees is being abused, please contact adult social care services.

Reporting other types of abuse

How to contact adult social care services

The Community Health and Social Care Hub is the contact for anyone that would like further information or advice on adult social care and support services available in Kirklees.

Contact adult social care services

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