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Care home early indicator form

The Integrated Care Home Quality Assurance Team offer the care homes of Kirklees support in regard to Quality Improvement and Assurance, via a pro-active approach and support offer.

Developed following a learning lessons review regarding a situation in a care home that led to its closure, the Early Indicators of Concern form is an alert process for any professional who identifies an issue of concern in a care home setting that does not immediately indicate a safeguarding concern or clearly indicate a contract compliance issue.

Early Indicators of Concern forms have been designed to be used as a checklist by professionals on care home visits to register concerns about care standards which fall below the threshold for Safeguarding. For example, the environment, staff attitude or management issue. The information received enables the team to form an overview of the practices within care homes and take appropriate action if required.

Administration of Covert Medication and Deprivation of Liberty

Report abuse and whistleblowing

Report abuse or neglect of an adult at risk

Report a concern to CQC if you are a member of staff

Partner Account - Safeguarding reporting for care homes

Care homes in Kirklees must report all safeguarding concerns via the Partner Account.

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