Fostering allowances and benefits

Weekly payment

Kirklees Council's foster carers receive a weekly payment which includes:

  • fostering allowance
  • skills payment
  • continuous service award

Allowance and skills payments

These tables show the fostering allowance and skills payments that a foster carer can receive. These depend on:

  • the age of the child
  • the agreed level of assessed skill of the foster carer.

For instance if you are a newly approved foster carer with an assessed skill level of band 2, and you look after a 12-year old, you will receive £332.17 per week.

Weekly allowance by age of child
Age range Rate
0 to 4 £144.86
5 to 10 £165.01
11 to 15 £205.42
16+ £249.89
Weekly allowance by assessed skill of foster carer
Skills band Rate
1 £101.40
2 £126.75
3 £177.45
4 £228.15

Looking after more than one child

If a foster carer has more than one foster child in their home, they will receive an additional skills payment of £60.84 per week per child.

Additional benefits

In addition to your weekly allowance, you will receive:

  • an extra two weeks' payment towards a summer holiday
  • an extra payment to help cover Christmas or other religious holidays
  • an extra payment for the child or young person's birthday
  • fuel allowance of 45p per mile to meet the needs of the child
  • contributions towards furniture and other equipment you need to start your fostering journey, once a child is placed with you
  • membership of My Staff Shop, which offers attractive discounts with retailers and cinemas plus many more
  • a MAX Card, which gives a discount for foster families to use on family days out
  • membership of The Fostering Network
  • membership of New Family Social (if applicable, this is to support LGBT+ foster carers and their families).

Continuous service award

There is also a continuous service award of £10 per week per year of service. So after your first year of being a foster carer you will receive an additional £10 per week.

This award is payable for a maximum of 15 years. So after fostering for 15 years you will receive an additional £150 per week.