Fostering allowances and benefits

Allowance and payments

As a Kirklees foster carer you will receive:

  • a competitive, weekly, fostering allowance for each child in your care
  • a skills payment
  • other benefits, including extra payments for birthdays, holidays, and religious festivals

The fostering allowance and skills payments depend on:

  • the age of the child
  • the agreed level of assessed skill of the foster carer

Foster care payments contribute to the cost of caring for a child or young person whilst providing you with a professional fee. This recognises your skills, commitment and dedication to our children and young people.

Our skills levels offer the opportunity for you to progress over the years, through attending regular training and as your knowledge, experience and skill sets develop.

Please read the Kirklees Foster Carer Finance Policy for more information.

Continuous long service award

You will be entitled to a continuous long service award on completion of your first full year as a foster carer. This is paid up to a maximum of 15 years approval.

Additional benefits

In addition to your weekly allowance and payment, you will receive:

  • an extra two weeks' payment towards a summer holiday
  • an extra payment to help cover Christmas or other religious holidays
  • an extra payment for the child or young person's birthday
  • fuel allowance of 45p per mile to meet the needs of the child
  • contributions towards furniture and other equipment you need to start your fostering journey, once a child is placed with you
  • membership of My Staff Shop, which offers attractive discounts with retailers and cinemas plus many more
  • a MAX Card, which gives a discount for foster families to use on family days out
  • membership of the Fostering Network
  • membership of the Kirklees Fostering Network (KFN), run by our foster carers for our foster carers. This offers support, advice, coffee mornings, family activities and much more
  • membership of New Family Social (if applicable, this is to support LGBT+ foster carers and their families)
  • the opportunity to join a Mockingbird Family Hub
  • the opportunity to join family days, family parties, celebration evenings and award ceremonies
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