Fostering with Kirklees

Kirklees Council needs people of all ages, from all walks of life and different backgrounds to be foster carers. This includes all genders, races, religions, and sexual orientations.

You can foster whether you are single, in a relationship, married or in a civil partnership. You can foster with or without children and whether own your home or rent. You can be employed, retired, or claiming benefits. You can be with or without qualifications or have professional childcare experience.

Fostering for Kirklees Council ensures that you are part of the team that knows our children the best. You, your supervising social worker, the child's social worker and the independent reviewing officer are all council assets.

Our foster carers are our first choice when it comes to looking for a family for our children and young people. They tell us that being a foster carer is a way of life, not a job, and we recognise their incredible work. We have a good financial and support offer, with many additional benefits.

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