Faith in fostering

Are you a person or family of religious faith and want to know more about fostering? Our children and young people come from different faiths and ethnicities, religious backgrounds. It is therefore important that we have diversity amongst our foster carers.

Having a strong support network is important and often can be found through people's faith. Places of worship such as mosques, churches and synagogues commonly nurture a strong sense of community among attendees. They offer emotional, physical as well as spiritual support.

For some carers, it has been their faith that provided the motivation they needed to take on the role. Faith often inspires community spirit and a desire to make a positive contribution to society. Through their role as a foster carer they are able to make a difference to the lives of children in their community.

Kaushar and Anisa's story

"We had considered fostering Muslim children only, so that we could help meet their cultural and religious needs, but when a child comes into care, they come from all backgrounds and usually need to be placed with a foster family immediately.

"Also, Islam teaches us to help every human being regardless of their faith, ethnic background, colour, or race and over the years, we've fostered both Muslim and non-Muslim children on a long and short-term basis. We feel that this is the best decision we made.

"If you are a Muslim and considering fostering, our message to you is that this is something you have to come into with a full heart."

Kaushar and Anisa - Foster carers

Placing children with families

Children from all backgrounds are taken into care, and where possible they are placed with families that will enable them to continue practising and developing their faith. This is particularly important for those children who are to be fostered over a longer period. We encourage anybody interested to get in touch with us to chat more.