Corporate estate management policy

Corporate disposals and acquisitions policy

Legal notice

Plan - 14 Briarfield Gardens

Legal Notice - 14 Briarfield Gardens

Legal Notice 1 - Land off Soothill Lane, Batley

Legal Notice 2 - Land off Soothill Lane, Batley

Plan - Land off Soothill Lane, Batley

Land or property

For information regarding land not owned by Kirklees Council you can check the Land Registry or agents of large landowners:

Commercial, retail, office or industrial property

Kirklees premises currently available for rent or lease are advertised through:

You can also look for a space in Business and enterprise centres

Rent to Buy (a council house or flat)

Rent to Buy is an affordable way to buy your first home.

Assets of community value and community asset transfers

Information on community asset transfers, eligibility and how to apply:

Kirklees Local Plan

Check the Kirklees Local Plan to identify future use of land:

Kirklees Self and Custom Housebuilding Register

If you are interested in building a self or custom build house in Kirklees then you can register your interest on the councils Self and Custom Housebuilding Register:

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