Local authorities keep a register of individuals and associations who are seeking to acquire serviced plots of land in their area in order to build homes for those individuals to occupy.

The Government wants to enable more people to build or commission their own home and wants to make this form of housing a mainstream housing option. Kirklees Council is responding to this requirement by introducing a self-build and custom house building register.

What self-build and custom build are

The terms 'self-build' and 'custom build' are used to describe situations where individuals or groups are involved in creating their own home. The amount of personal involvement will vary. For example, some self-builders physically build all or part of a home themselves. At the other end of the scale, a developer may find a site and then seek a number of self-build clients to build homes to their specification under a contract.

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Self-build homes

Self-build describes projects where the people involved play a very significant part in the house-building process by getting involved in, or managing, the construction of their new home (with or without the help of sub-contractors).

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Custom-build homes

This is when people commission the construction of their home from a developer/enabler, builder/contractor or package company. The developer co-ordinates the whole process, but the people involved make the key design decisions.

Receiving council land and property updates

To receive updates on council owned land and property please complete the online form on the council land and property page.

Registering your interest in self-build and custom housebuilding

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

Register online

After you've registered

By signing up, you will help us find out more about the demand for custom build plots within Kirklees, where people would like their plot to be and the type of house that they would like to build.

Your information will be used to explore ways in which it might be possible for people and plots to be brought together.

Registration does not guarantee that a suitable plot will be identified or become available.

We will not pass identifiable information from the register onto anyone outside the council without your written consent.

If you require any further information or would like your details to be removed from the register, please contact Planning Policy

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