Some small scale extensions and development works to a house can be carried out without having to obtain planning permission.

This is called permitted development.

Permitted development rights can be removed as well as granted.

Work to a house which may not need permission

  • Enlargement, improvement or other alteration
  • Additions or alterations to the roof
  • Porches
  • Exterior buildings or hard surfaces
  • Chimneys or flues
  • Microwave antennae
  • Gates, fences, walls
  • Access to roads
  • Exterior painting
  • Electrical outlet or upstand for recharging vehicles
  • Closed circuit television cameras (CCTV)

Common projects

Planning and building regulations guidance from the Planning Portal for many common building work projects for the home such as conservatories, loft conversions and porches. You can also read case studies outlining people's real experience of tackling a number of the projects.

Stage 1: Check for local constraints

First check if there are any local constraints on your property. These are planning requirements that are property or area specific such as:

  • Buildings of architectural or historic interest such as listed buildings;
  • Conservation areas;
  • A planning condition which restricts or removes permitted development rights.

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