This is also known as community right to bid.

It provides the community with a right to identify an asset that they believe to be important to their community's social wellbeing.


Quick guide to the Community Right to Bid

Assets of Community Value & Right to Bid

The Assets of Community Value (England) Regulations 2012

Localism Act 2011 (

Nominate an asset of community value

Kirklees community and voluntary bodies as well as parish and town councils can nominate assets that provide an important service in their community for inclusion on the register of assets of community value.

Examples of eligible assets include pubs, community centres, libraries, playgrounds, swimming pools, and markets.

How to nominate an asset

Fill in our simple online forms

Clock Completing this form takes around 45 minutes.

Paperclip You must inform us of the address of the property, details of the owner, the extent of the site and why you feel it is an asset of community value. You must also provide evidence of your eligibility to nominate.


After you've nominated an asset

  • We have 8 weeks to consider each nomination.
  • Once a decision has been made you will be notified in writing or via email.
  • If your nomination is successful we will provide information about what will happen next. In addition to this the owner of the property will be informed and the asset will be listed on the register.
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Register of assets

List of assets of community value

List of Land Nominated by Unsuccessful Community Nominations