Community asset transfer involves transferring the ownership and/or management of land or buildings from a statutory body to a community organisation, at less than its full market value, in order to further local social, economic and/or environmental objectives. The transfer can be either leasehold or freehold.

Transferring an asset to a community organisation on long leasehold or freehold transfer can unlock community enterprise, encourage volunteer commitment, help utilise local intelligence, and allow these organisations to attract the necessary capital investment to create a thriving community facility

Policy and guidance

Asset transfer policy

Apply for an asset transfer

Stage 1: Express an interest

How to express an interest

Download and fill in the expression of interest and outline business case form

Clock Completing this form takes around 1 hour.

Download form

After you've expressed an interest

Once you have submitted your expression of interest the council will confirm whether the asset is available for transfer.

If it is, and your expression of interest shows that your organisation is suitable for an asset transfer, you will be invited to complete and submit a full application form along with a business case that clearly shows your organisation is capable of maintaining and operating the asset into the future.

Stage 2: Apply for the asset transfer

How to apply

Download and fill in the assessment of application form

Clock Completing this form takes around 1 hour.

Paperclip You must include a number of documents to support your application. The form will guide you through what supporting evidence you require.

You will also be required to submit a full business case at this stage. Help and support will be provided through this process.

Download form

After you've applied

Your application goes through a 3 stage process:

  • Assessment: this is undertaken by multiple council services using the Asset transfer assessment of application form.
  • Decision-making: this process is dependent on the asset. It is coordinated by Corporate Landlord and timescales will be discussed on a case by case basis. At this stage negotiations may begin on draft Heads of Terms.
  • Legal process and completion: these are also dependent on the asset. The legal process may actually begin around assessment stage and will continue through decision-making until completion.

Contact the Asset Strategy Team

You can contact us for additional information or advice.