Charter and validation

Development Management Charter

Validation Checklist

Validation Checklist guidance

Biodiversity and Geological Conservation: Guidance to accompany Validation Checklist

General advice notes

Clarification Policy

Going Smokefree - A planning advice note on smoking shelters and related features

Guidance notes for public speaking at committee

Street naming and numbering

Guidance notes on noise, odour and air quality control for residential developments in town centres

Protocol for non material amendments following a grant of planning permission

Planning notices

Public notice - Agricultural or forestry buildings or operations

Public notice of demolition 2012

Notice 1 - to be served on individuals

Notice 2 - for publication in the local newspaper

Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

Dewsbury Design Guide

Large new stores

Domestic extensions

Dormer and other roof extensions

Mirfield Design Statement 2002

Panelled doors on historic buildings in Kirklees

Wind energy

Windows for historic buildings in Kirklees late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Advice for major development proposals

Air quality

Development on land affected by contamination

Highways development delivery guidance note

Noise reports

Providing for education needs generated by new housing


Ecological and Geological Local Sites

Biodiversity Guidance for Developers

Submission of Ecological Records

Other policies and strategies: Biodiversity

Other guidance and advice notes

Preferred form of Unilateral Undertaking for financial contributions only

Model Agreement Local List 4.13

Model Supplemental Agreement Local List 4.13

Local requirements template

Permitted development for householders

Public art policy