Explains the importance of biodiversity and describes how Kirklees Council and its partners will meet the objectives set out in the Biodiversity Action Plan.

Biodiversity Action Plan

Identifies the local habitats and species of principal importance (also known as priority habitats and species). These are the species and habitats taken from the UK National Biodiversity Action Plan that occur in Kirklees or those that are of sub-regional importance. These habitats and species have individual action plans that enable us to prioritise biodiversity work in the district.



Forest habitats:

Arable and pastoral areas

Wetland and riverine habitats

Urban areas and previously developed land

Species action plans

Biodiversity Opportunity Zones

Kirklees has a varied natural environment, ranging from the remote Pennine uplands of the west, to the intensively farmed agricultural land to the habitat zones across the district.

Inclusion and diversity

Our vision for equality, diversity and inclusion

Our strength comes from recognising, respecting and valuing our differences across the community, and being proud of the people and places that make Kirklees special.

We are in a key phase of recovery, and inclusion is at the heart of this. We have all been affected by the pandemic in some way, navigating the same storm but in very different boats. The values of inclusion, kindness and pride are key to how we move on to create communities where people can be themselves, feel valued for the contribution they bring and in which we are proud to live and work.

Our Council Plan for 2021/23 sets out the priorities and values that shape our work.

Inclusion and Diversity Strategy

Our 2021/23 strategy: Recovery through Inclusion has four priority areas to assist the Council and its communities to continue to address inequalities and help facilitate pandemic recovery.

Inclusion and Diversity Strategy 2021/23

Inclusion and Diversity Annual Reports

We report annually on progress made against our inclusion and diversity outcomes, clearly stating the successes we've achieved and the lessons we still must learn.

Inclusion and Diversity Annual Report 2020/21

Workforce Profiles and Equality Data

Workforce profile data

Gender pay gap reports

Inclusion and Diversity Policy Statement and Graphic 2017/21

Keep up-to-date with the council's work on Inclusion by visiting Kirklees Together: Inclusion


The Pay Policy Statement meets the requirements of the Localism Act 2011 (sections 38 to 43), and covers the period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016. It covers a number of matters concerning the pay of the authority's staff, principally Chief Officers. This policy statement does not cover or include school staff and is not required to do so.


This whistleblowing policy is designed for Kirklees Council employees. But we will investigate any complaints made by employees of partner organisations, contractors and suppliers, services users, or anyone else, using the principles of this policy.

The council's whistleblowing policy is independent and confidential. It can be anonymous if you wish. We will make sure that you will not be victimised or suffer disadvantage if you report your genuine concerns.

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