We strongly recommend that you use our pre-application advice service prior to submitting your planning application.

What the pre-application service can do

  • Identify and address any issues at an early stage
  • Reduce the likelihood of submitting invalid applications
  • Speed up the time it takes for your application to reach a case officer
  • Help to determine your application more quickly
  • Reduce the number of conditions needed
  • Speed up the determination of any discharge of conditions

What to expect from the service

  • You will benefit from a dedicated case officer and will receive an 'in principle' response to your proposal. This will identify specific detailed points about the proposed development, the issues that may need to be resolved and information requirements.
  • It gives you an opportunity to understand how our policies will be applied to your development.
  • It can identify at an early stage where there is a need for specialist input, for example, about listed buildings, trees, landscape, noise, transport, contaminated land or ecology.
  • It will assist you in preparing proposals for formal submission which, providing you have taken our advice fully into account, will be handled more quickly.
  • It may lead to a reduction in time spent by your professional advisors in working up proposals.
  • It may indicate that a proposal is completely unacceptable, saving you the cost of pursuing a formal application.
  • The pre-application service for Level 2 and above includes engagement with elected members, including ward councillors.

Get advice

We offer 5 levels of comprehensive advice, dependent on the type of enquiry:

The charge depends on the category of your development.

You can also download this information: Guide to our pre-application advice service

Other guidance

Highways development delivery guidance note - helpful direction on the highways information required to accompany a planning pre-application enquiry or planning application.

Our informal advice service

You can make an appointment to meet a planning officer for free informal advice.

We give general, verbal advice on the planning process and the council's planning policies on sites less than small scale major proposals.

If you require site specific detailed advice, use our formal advice service.

Contact Development Control to make an appointment.

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