Proposals that fall into this category include:

  • 1 to 9 dwellings (full applications), or less than 0.5ha in site >area (outline applications) for residential developments (including change of use from other buildings to residential)
  • Floor space to be built is less than 1,000sqm or the site area is less than 1 hectare
  • All other minor developments

What to expect from level 1 advice

  • The planning officer will be familiar with the proposal plans and other information you have submitted
  • Any relevant planning history will be researched
  • Any necessary internal consultations will be undertaken
  • An initial meeting arranged, which may involve relevant consultee(s) and written summary of advice within 5 working days of the meeting
  • Validation requirements agreed at initial meeting to ensure all information is included for formal submission

Supporting information

  • We need supporting information from you so we can provide you with pre-application advice
  • The amount we require depends on the category of your request
  • The more you can provide, the more detailed advice we will be able to provide

Required information

  • Description of the existing use/s and proposed development, including breakdown of existing and proposed floorspace
  • 1:1250 site location plan
  • 1:500 site plan

Additional material that will help

  • An initial design assessment (phase one of a Design and Access Statement)
  • Photographs and plans describing the site, buildings, topography and landscape features, and its context
  • Proposed floor plans (preferably 1:200)
  • Proposals for community consultation
  • Heritage Impact Assessment



Pre-application fees are separate to those covered by any subsequent planning application fee.

How to get pre-application advice

  • Fill in our online form
  • Provide details of your proposal
  • Pay the fee

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes.

Apply for pre-application advice

After you've applied

We endeavour to provide you with a full response within 20 working days, or an invitation to an initial meeting (dependent on the level of advice being sought) within 10 working days of payment being received.

If we need to consult with other specialists it may take longer.

If you require a response before this time, please discuss this with the case officer

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Other ways to apply

You can also print out a Pre-application enquiry form, fill it in and send to us.

Terms and conditions

  • Any views or opinions expressed are in good faith, without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application, which will be subject to public consultation (which will include the relevant town or parish council) and ultimately decided by the council.
  • Except for householder advice, all pre-application enquiries will be made publicly available on request.
  • It should be noted that subsequent alterations to legislation or local, regional and national policies might affect the advice given.
  • Caution should be exercised in respect of pre-application advice for schemes that are not submitted within a short time of the council's advice letter.
  • The final decision on applications is made by council members and in some cases by senior officers. The council's officers cannot give any guarantees about the decision that will be made on your application(s).
  • The final decision can only be taken once we have received your application(s) and following detailed assessment of the facts of the case. It is taken after consultation with:
    • adjoining occupiers
    • bodies which the council has a statutory requirement to consult
    • other interested parties.
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