Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) provide guidance about how development plan policies will be applied.

These SPDs aim to provide clarity and deliver a higher standard of design in developments within Kirklees as part of the council's aspiration to promote the delivery of high quality places. The detailed guidance is to be used early in the design, layout and planning of new developments.

The SPDs provide additional guidance to support the implementation of policies in the Local Plan which was adopted on 27 February 2019.

Quality places

The Kirklees Housebuilders Design Guide SPD, adopted on 29 June 2021, is intended for use by residential developers. It aims to ensure future housing development is high quality, socially inclusive and built to high environmental standards. It provides guidance for housing developers on working with the Council at the outset of the development process to meet our aspiration of achieving quality places.

The Kirklees House Extension and Alterations SPD was adopted on 29 June 2021, has been prepared to help householders, developers, agents and architects. It helps those planning and designing an extension or alterations (householder development) to an existing residential property. This includes conservatories and outbuildings, such as garages. It provides detailed guidance on the standard of development that will help achieve a well-designed house extension or alteration required by the council.

The Kirklees Open Space SPD, adopted on 29 June 2021, provides detailed guidance for applicants and the local community on the requirements for open space, sports and recreation provision to serve new housing developments. It sets out a five step-by-step approach to be used in determining the types, amount and location of open space required to serve new housing developments across Kirklees.

The Kirklees Highway Design Guide SPD, adopted on 4 November 2019, aims to promote high standards of highway design. These must reflect nationally recognised best-practice, and facilitate the delivery of high quality residential, employment and mixed-use developments in Kirklees. This SPD is relevant to all aspects of the built environment. The Highway Design Guide SPD helps to encourage good design in terms of how developments, routes and spaces relate to one another to create streets and public spaces that are safe, accessible, and pleasant to use.

The Affordable Housing SPD was adopted on 12th November 2008

The updated Interim Affordable Housing Policy was approved on 14 January 2020. It provides information to fully reflect the Kirklees Local Plan Affordable Housing Policy (LP11) and latest national guidance.

The Kirklees Development Plan was adopted in February 2019. Since then the council has attached greater weight to the interim policy than the guidance in the Affordable Housing SPD when affordable housing triggers are met.

The Council has published a First Homes Position Statement (December 2021)

This document, adopted on 21 September 2007, supports the initiative for the Kirklees Strategic Economic Zone to promote new business development.

It explains how financial contributions will be secured at the time of the submission of planning applications. The contributions will help to pay for a transport strategy to improve the A62/A644.

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