We're developing a new neighbourhood at Daisy Hill, among the historic buildings. The new homes will attract people who work in nearby city centres, but want excellent quality apartments and homes at more affordable rents and prices. With a mix of new and converted buildings, Daisy Hill will prove attractive to professionals with disposable incomes, who will support town centre vibrancy.

The Daisy Hill area is a designated Heritage Action Zone and as such attracts some grant funding to make improvements to the area, which supports the creation of a living town.

Field House will be the flagship development at Daisy Hill. The property will have 23 high quality flats and a café and a restaurant on the ground floor and the basement. We have already helped to grant planning permission and assist with grant funding.

Dewsbury will be a family-friendly town where everyone feels safe and welcome. Families will come together to enjoy the open spaces, shops and leisure opportunities during the day and into the evening.

A dedicated community safety and policing will act as both a deterrent to anti-social behaviour and crime, whilst providing visitors with a reassuring presence. The council will look to work with other agencies and to commit resources to achieve this aim.

Daisy Hill
Field House