Kirklees Local Plan adoption

The Kirklees Local Plan was adopted on 27th February 2019. The Local Plan is now the statutory development plan for Kirklees and supersedes the Kirklees Unitary Development Plan (adopted March 1999). Planning applications must be determined in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

As the Local Plan was subject to modifications it is important to read the Publication Draft Local Plan together with the inspector's report (and appendices) as set out below. The additional modifications schedules also set out minor changes (not relating to the soundness of the plan) which have previously been consulted on. These provide clarification, corrections, minor updates to text and the correction of minor mapping errors to the Policies Map. A composite version of the Local Plan including the modified Policies Map will be produced in due course.

Inspector's report

Local Plan Inspector's Report

Strategy and policies

Publication Draft Local Plan Strategy and Polices document (SD1)

Inspector's Report Appendix: (SD1) Strategy and Policies Main Modifications

Strategy and Policies additional modifications (SD1)

Allocations and designations

Publication Draft Allocations and Designations document (SD2)

Inspector's Report Appendix: (SD2) Allocations and Designations Main Modifications

Allocations and Designations additional modifications (SD2)

Adoption statements

Local Plan Adoption Statement

Sustainability Appraisal Post-Adoption Statement

Paper copies

Paper copies of these documents can be viewed at the Huddersfield and Dewsbury Customer Service Centres.

Previous Local Plan consultations and examination information

Prior to submitting our Local Plan, we consulted you on the Publication Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy in November 2016. Following the public hearings as part of the examination of the Kirklees Local Plan, the appointed inspectors invited the council to consult on a list of Proposed Modifications (October 2018) which are considered to make the plan sound and/or legally compliant.

You can view all the comments we received using the Kirklees Planning Consultation Portal . All of these comments were sent to the relevant Planning Inspector. Details of the inspector's report, examination library and previous formal consultation periods:

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