This was the Local Plan consultation which began on 9th November 2015.

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Local Plan and Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) consultation

Local Plan 2015 policies maps


Kirklees Local Plan consultation summary 2015: Shaping a Local Plan for Kirklees

Consultation documents 2015

Strategy and policies

Allocations and designations

Green Belt review and outcomes

Rejected site options

Sustainability Appraisal:

Sustainability appraisal - full report

Sustainability appraisal - non-technical summary

Annex 1 - Residential SA Matrices

Annex 2 - Employment SA Matrices

Annex 3 - Mixed Use SA Matrices

Annex 4 - Open Space SA Matrices

Annex 5 - Traveller Site SA Matrices

Annex 6 - Minerals Waste SA Matrices

Annex 7 - Policy Options SA Matrices

Sustainability appraisal erratum notice

Supporting evidence and background information

Local Plan supporting documents 2015

About the Local Plan

The Local Plan (previously known as the Local Development Framework) is the new development plan being produced for Kirklees. This involves working out how many new homes and jobs are needed in the future for the district and allocating land to meet these needs.

The Local Plan will also set out the areas of Kirklees that need protection, including valuable open spaces, areas with high environmental quality and historic value. It will set out the infrastructure needed to make sure that any new developments are sustainable. The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) explains what sustainable development means in relation to planning.

The Local Plan will contain a map of the district showing where land has been identified for different uses such as housing, employment and open space. Planning policies will also be set out to make sure that development which comes forward will be sustainable. When the Local Plan is agreed and in place, planning applications will be judged against what it says.

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