Employing a personal assistant (PA) can give you more control and flexibility over how your needs are met and to receive support in a way that you choose.

You can employ a personal assistant to meet your needs by paying them yourself on a private basis or with a Direct Payment from the Council if you are eligible for one. A Direct Payment is an alternative to the Council providing you with their own brokered services.

What do personal assistants do

A personal assistant can help with a wide range of tasks; they can support you at home, at work, in education or when you are out and about. The support could include:

  • Personal care - such as getting dressed
  • Making meals or helping you to eat/drink
  • Helping you take your medication
  • Using transport, attending appointments or socialising if you need extra support whilst you are out.

Having a personal assistant can be more sociable. Many people employing a personal assistant consider them a friend as well as an employee and appreciate the consistency of having one-to-one support from someone they know well and get on with.

Support with hiring a personal assistant

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How to contact adult social care services

The Community Health and Social Care Hub is the contact for anyone that would like further information or advice on adult social care and support services available in Kirklees.

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