Care and support for adults is help that some people over 18 may need to live well. This may be because of a disability, ill health or other problems. Help can include support with things like washing, dressing, eating, getting out and about and keeping in touch with family and friends.

Adults who may need extra care and support include:

  • older people
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people with physical disabilities
  • people with mental health problems
  • people with drug and/or alcohol issues
  • carers

Find help with care and support

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Getting access to social care and support

If you want the council to arrange or pay towards your care you have to meet the National eligibility criteria. You will also need to have a needs assessment to help find out about your support needs.

If you are eligible for social care support, a financial assessment will be carried out to determine how much you will need to pay towards your care, if anything. This has to be determined before you can be allocated a budget known as a 'Personal Budget'.

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