To look after yourself properly it is really important to eat well and to eat often, especially if you have a long term health condition.


If you struggle to visit the shops to get your own food the Access bus may be helpful. You can rent mobility equipment including scooters from Age UK - Shopmobility

Online grocery shopping and delivery

All of the big supermarkets offer a home shopping delivery service which you can access online. Age UK provide free training for Help with IT they can help you learn how to get online, communicate with your family, order your prescription, do some shopping, book a holiday or just write a letter or email a friend.

Your local Kirklees library may also offer help and advice with this too.

Meals on wheels providers

There are companies who will deliver you meals, frozen or cooked. There is a charge for these services. You can find these online, or alternatively you can contact Gateway to care should you require support to find a local service.

Lunch clubs

There are a number of luncheon clubs within Kirklees. Many of them are run by voluntary organisations and there is usually a charge.

Help with cooking and eating food

If you need help to prepare, eat or drink meals there is equipmentavailable such as cups with spill resistant cups, water bottles with spouts, large grip cutlery, angled cutlery, deep bowl spoons and much more. Please search online or contact Gateway to care should you require our support in finding a local provider. If you need help to cook meals, family or friends may help by preparing meals to eat fresh or which you could freeze for later.

Healthy Eating

Our Kirklees Council Health Trainer Service provides free support to adults in Kirklees with long term health conditions. They help to improve your health and well-being through a variety of services.

Qualified Health Trainers will meet you to provide encouraging support. They will talk with you to find out what you want to change, motivating you along the way to feel healthier and happier.

If you would like further information or support with eating well, please contact Gateway to care.

Help from your GP

If you are losing weight, worried about your diet or are having difficulty eating or drinking, please contact your GP who will be able to offer information and advice on what help you may need.