If you are struggling to prepare meals for yourself, or having trouble getting to the supermarket, there are companies which can deliver hot or frozen meals to your door.

Meal delivery options

Meals on wheels

Meals on Wheels provide tasty, nutritious meals delivered directly to your door whilst at the same time ensuring a regular visitor checks that you or someone you care about is safe and well.

You can have meals as often as you want � one day a week or every day and these can be delivered 365 days a year.

Kirklees council do not provide a meals on wheels service, however you can contact the following providers directly. (charges will apply)

Hot meals on wheels providers in Kirklees
Website Description
ICare meals service Delivers 2-course hot meals or frozen meals delivered daily 365 days a year.
Meals on Wheels- Golcar A 2-course hot meal delivered every Wednesday lunchtime. For further details contact Di Mayo Tel: 07815814141
Meals on Wheels - Slaithwaite A 2-course hot meal delivered every Wednesday lunchtime. (£3.00 per meal)
Meals on Wheels - Holme Valley A 2-course hot meal delivered every Friday lunchtime. For further details contact Angela Payne Tel: 01484 685009 or Joan Firth Tel: 01484 681156
Halal Meals on Wheels - Batley Freshly cooked meals every day
Taylors Foodstore - Honley Offer a weekly delivery service every Friday between 11am-2pm, they'll deliver to the Honley and Oldfield area, home styles cooked food
Refrigertated and frozen meals, orders on a Wednesday afternoon between 2-7pm

Frozen meals on wheels providers in Kirklees

Help from your supermarket or local store

All of the big supermarkets offer a home shopping delivery service which you can access online. Age UK provide free training for Help with IT they can help you learn how to get online, communicate with your family, order your prescription, do some shopping, book a holiday or just write a letter or email a friend.

Lunch clubs

There are a number of luncheon clubs within Kirklees. Many of them are run by voluntary organisations.