You, or someone you know, can sometimes get free support to regain daily living skills for up to 6 weeks if you need it. This is usually if you have been in hospital or had an illness or fall.

This temporary care is called intermediate care, short-term care, reablement or aftercare. It helps you get back to normal so you can stay independent.

We work with you in your own home to help you to regain your abilities and improve your quality of life.

What reablement involves

Reablement means different things for different people � it all depends on your individual situation.

For example, it might mean we work with you to:

  • practise daily activities such as cooking and bathing to help you regain skills and get your confidence back
  • find new ways to do some things so you feel safer and more confident
  • look at what else might help (e.g. support to go out, personal alarms, home adaptations or other equipment, such as bath rails, Carephone home safety service or other Equipment and adaptations for your home.
  • involve your relatives or carers to helping you live more independently, and discussing any support they might need
  • do exercises, if prescribed by a physiotherapist

How much it costs

The service provided by the Short Term and Urgent Support Service is time limited and is not chargeable during this time. If you require support that goes beyond this time you may be charged. The amount you pay is based on a Financial assessment.