Needs assessments are for adults (18 years of age or over) who may need support because of a disability, ill health or old age.

Having an assessment

An assessment starts as a discussion with you to find out more about the kind of things you need support with.

We will ask questions to see whether you're able to:

  • get in and out of bed
  • get washed and dressed
  • go to the toilet unaided
  • make and eat meals
  • move around your home safely
  • use local services, like buses, and go to the shops
  • get enough contact with other people
  • keep your home clean and safe

We'll also check whether you have any support in place already, and then work out if you qualify for some help from us to arrange your care.

Online adult social care self-assessment

BetterCare Support is an online self-assessment tool. Simply create an account, follow the instructions and you will be connected to support, services and resources suitable for your social care needs.

Benefits of a BetterCare Support online account:

  • More control over your social care assessments.
  • 24/7 access gives more flexibility to complete assessments
  • Complete assessments over more than one session.
  • Have the people who support you around when you complete the assessment.
  • Connect to appropriate services earlier in the process.

How we work out if you qualify for support

We use the Government's national eligibility criteria to work out if you qualify for support from us. This includes the following:-

  • whether you have a disability, health need or impairment
  • whether, as a result of a disability, health need or impairment, you're unable to manage some important aspects of your life without support
  • whether this is having a significant impact on your physical, mental, emotional or social wellbeing

Read more about the Determination of eligibility under the Care Act .

How to contact adult social care services

The Community Health and Social Care Hub is the contact for anyone that would like further information or advice on adult social care and support services available in Kirklees.

Contact adult social care services

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