A carer's assessment is the council's way of working out whether you qualify for support in your role as carer. The assessment is a chance for you to discuss how your caring responsibilities affect you. It will look at:

  • whether you're willing and able to carry on providing care
  • whether your caring responsibilities have any impact on your wellbeing
  • whether you need any support
  • what you'd like to achieve in your day-to-day life. For example, you might want more time to; take part in activities you enjoy
  • whether you qualify for any help from the council.

How to prepare for an assessment

Some things you may want to think about:

  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Is your health affected by caring?
  • Can you leave the person you are looking after?
  • Are you worried about having to give up work?
  • Do you get enough time to yourself?
  • Are you worried about other commitments which are being affected by your caring role?

It may be a good idea to make a list, or keep a diary, of everything you do to assist the person you support.

Request a carer's assessment

You can request a carer's assessment by using our Gateway to care referral form.

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form take around 5 minutes.

PaperclipTo complete this form you will need an email address.

Contact us online

Other ways to request an assessment

You can request an assessment over the phone

  • Phone 01484 414933
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