There are quick and easy tools to check your income online, or reputable organisations that can help you check you're getting all you're entitled to, free of charge.

Benefits, Council Tax and other support and advice

Check what benefits and financial support you can get

Make sure you have claimed all the benefits you are entitled to. For working age families, this could be Universal Credit, Employment Support Allowance (ESA) or Statutory Sick Pay.

  • Benefits - Check if you can get Housing Benefit to help with your rent, Council Tax Reduction, Universal Credit or other benefits.
  • How to claim Universal Credit - Universal Credit can help with your living costs if you're on a low income or out of work.
  • Better Off Kirklees - Find out about the benefits you are entitled to and get help to apply for them online. There is also information about how to find and apply for jobs.
  • Entitledto is a free online benefits calculator to get an estimate of what benefits you could be entitled to.
  • Cost of living payment - You may be able to get a payment from the government to help with the cost of living if you're getting certain benefits or tax credits. If you're eligible, you'll be paid automatically.
  • Check benefits and financial support you can get

Help with household bills

Council tax

  • Discounts, exemptions and reductions tells you about Single person discount, Student discount and other help available.
  • Contact Council Tax if you are struggling to pay your bill, we can discuss payment options and make sure you are getting all the support you are entitled to.




Mobile and broadband

  • Social tariffs: Cheaper broadband and phone packages a list of broadband providers offering social tariffs (sometimes called 'essential' or 'basic' broadband). Same broadband, just cheaper.
  • Digital access and skills training borrow a digital device or apply for a free SIM card from the Databank if you have a device but have no connectivity, or not enough connectivity. (Quote "Kirklees Council" when asked for the referral organisation).

Money and debt advice

  • GOV UK: Cost of living support - find out what support is available to help with the cost of living.
  • Age UK offer a variety of services for people in later life. This includes support with benefit checks and household bills, keeping well and housing options.
  • BBC Cost of living includes a personalised guide to saving money.
  • Kirklees Citizens Advice and Law Centre can help to review your budget, check income, look at the best debt strategy and support you to deal with creditors.
  • Money Helper gives free guidance on benefits, everyday money, money troubles, pensions and savings.
  • Options for paying off your debts offers advice about making arrangements to pay your debts.
  • PayPlan provides solutions for people who have multiple debts.
  • Step Change Debt Charity offers help to manage your money better, debt advice and help with creditors.
  • Turn2Us has a free benefits calculator. Find out what benefits, grants or other schemes may be available.

Advice for council tenants

Additional support for families with children

  • Auntie Pam's offers welcoming support for women and families. They give help and advice on housing, benefits, health and pregnancy, and have a clothes swap-shop.



  • Free school meals - If you receive certain benefits your child could get free school meals and holiday vouchers.
  • School transport - You could get help with school transport if you're on a low income or if the school is a distance away.
  • Uniform Exchange offers free, pre-loved school uniforms for children attending a school in Kirklees.

Medical equipment running costs

These are some of the most common electrical equipment types used in the UK. Information is from Medicaid, supplier of this equipment via health services in Kirklees.

This information could help if you need to discuss your energy usage and costs with your next of kin, energy supplier, local charity or social services.

Profiling bed

  • Cost per month: £1.52
  • Cost per year: £18.25

These run on minimal power requirements and only for short periods of time. Based on 3 minutes per hi/lo cycle and 1 minute per profile. Figures are based on 5 cycles per day.

Air mattress

  • Cost per month: £0.74 - £1.88
  • Cost per year: £8.95 - £22.63

Figures are based on alternating mattresses and actual use of pump for 30 minutes per hour. Wattage can range from 6-15 dependent on type of mattress.

Riser recliner chair

  • Cost per month: £0.45
  • Cost per year: £5.47

If a bed or chair is plugged in but not used, it will cost approx. 0.5p per day. If the motors are used for 15 minutes during the day, this will cost an additional 1.0p per day.


  • Cost per month: £2.00
  • Cost per year: £24.00

A hoist takes 4 hours to fully charge. It is recommended to keep the battery on charge when not in use. Figures are based on a full 4 hour charge per day. This isn't necessary all the time but is used for indicative purposes.

Bath lift

  • Cost per month: £0.09
  • Cost per year: £1.04

A full charge on the battery handset costs less than 1p. We recommend the handset is fully charged once per week. Cost is based on charging twice per week.


  • Cost: Dependant on number of weekly sessions

Figures are based on power consumption of less than or equal to 71W, and usage time of 30 minutes. Depending on the nebulizer this could deliver 3 therapy sessions. Energy consumption is 0.0355 kWh. When using the cost rate of 34p/kWh, this equals 1.207p. The device is mains only operational.

Automatic lateral patient-turning system

  • Cost per month: £1.76 - £2.48
  • Cost per year: £21.12 - £29.76

Figures are based on the Toto automated lateral patient-turning system, costing between 5.8-8.2p per 24 hours of operational use. While on standby the system will cost between 1.5p-3.4p per 24 hours.

Powered stand assist hoist

  • Cost: £1.52p per full 4 hour charge

All figures are approximate. They vary depending on brand, how often you use the equipment and other factors like body weight. All of these potential costs are based on a KWh rate of 34p from the energy price cap of October 2022. They are subject to change based on the fluctuating costs of energy in the current climate. Energy usage data is supplied by: Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, Herida Healthcare, Accora, Joerns, H&M Bathlifts, Frontier Medical and Direct Healthcare.

Scams and loan sharks

Beware of scams. Please do not respond to any text messages, emails or phone calls asking for personal information or bank details unless you're sure of who they're from. If you think you've been a victim of a scam report it immediately to your bank and the police.

Loan sharks are illegal moneylenders who often charge very high interest rates. Please don't be tempted to borrow from a loan shark.

Mental health, alcohol, drugs and gambling support

Money concerns can cause additional stress and anxiety which impacts on our health.

We each deal with stress in a different way. Some people may increase their alcohol consumption, turn to gambling or use drugs to cope.

If you start to feel overwhelmed, or you think you're using harmful behaviours, get help now. You are not alone.

Risk of homelessness

If you need immediate help

  • Discretionary Housing Payments give short-term help with rent for people experiencing severe financial hardship.
  • Local Welfare Provision offers help for vulnerable people in short-term crisis with food, benefits, fuel costs and COVID-19 assistance. If food is required it usually arrives the same day or the next working day.

Additional support

  • Mental health support offers a range of resources and advice if you are experiencing mental health problems. Get confidential help and support.
  • Customer service centres - Visit us in person for help and get free access to computers and phones to contact a council service.
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