Who has to pay

You’ll usually have to pay Council Tax if you’re 18 or over and own or rent a home.

A full Council Tax bill is based on at least 2 adults living in a home. Spouses and partners who live together are jointly responsible for paying the bill.

You’ll get 25% off your bill if you count as an adult for Council Tax and either:

  • you live on your own
  • no-one else in your home counts as an adult

You’ll usually get a 50% discount if no-one living in your home, including you, counts as an adult.

You won't have to pay any Council Tax if everyone in your home, including you, is a full-time student.

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Discount forms

Single person discount

Apply for, cancel or continue your single person discount

If your home is occupied by one adult the bill is reduced by a single person discount of 25%

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Paperclip To complete this form you will need your Council Tax account reference number

Apply for, cancel or continue online
Cancel a council tax discount

To cancel a Single person discount use the Single person discount cancellation form

To cancel a Council tax reduction use the Council tax reduction cancellation form

For all other cancellations of council tax discounts use the form below

Cancel any other council tax discount

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

Paperclip To complete this form you will need your council tax account reference number

Cancel online

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Apprentice and trainee discount

Apply for discount for apprentices or youth training trainees

You are classed as an apprentice if you are:

  • learning a trade, business, profession, office employment or vocation, and
  • undertaking training leading to a National Council for Vocational Qualification, and
  • payment is substantially less than expected on qualification and is less than £195.00 per week.

A youth training trainee is someone under the age of 25 and training under the arrangements of Section 2 of the Employment and Training Act 1973.

Student and student nurse discount

Apply for student discount

You are considered a student if you are:

  • undertaking a full time course of education and studying for at least 24 weeks (21 hours per week), or
  • under 20 and on a qualifying course, or
  • a foreign language assistant, or
  • someone who is taking a course which leads to a registration under the Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Act 1979.

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Paperclip To complete this form you will need your term time address, your landlords details, course details and your student or enrollment number.

Apply online

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Other adults who live with you
Carer's council tax discount

Apply for carer's council tax discount

You could claim a 25% discount off your council tax if you provide care for someone. You must:

  • live in the same household as the person being cared for; and
  • provide care for at least 35 hours a week on average; and
  • not be the partner of the person being cared for, or if the person needing care is a child under 18, not be the child's parent; and
  • be caring for someone entitled to:
    • an attendance allowance; or
    • the highest or middle rate of the care component of Disability Living Allowance; or
    • an increase in constant attendance allowance under the industrial injuries or war pensions scheme; or
    • the highest rate of constant attendance allowance payable on top of full-rate disablement benefit paid for an industrial injury.

You do not have to be receiving carer allowance to be eligible for this discount. More than one person living in the household can count as a carer.

If you don't live in your property
Other unoccupied properties

You may not have to pay any council tax if your property is unoccupied because it is:

  • against the law to occupy it
  • a clergy dwelling
  • owned by a student
  • owned by a charity
  • repossessed
  • owned by someone who has been made bankrupt
  • a caravan pitch or boat mooring
  • an annexe
  • waiting for probate or letters of administration to be granted

The length of time you do not have to pay may vary. Contact us to make a claim.

Discounts for occupied properties

You may not have to pay any council tax if your property is:

  • a student halls of residence
  • occupied by full time students
  • armed forces barracks, messes and married quarters
  • occupied by a person(s) under 18 years old
  • the main residence of a person entitled to diplomatic privileges and immunities

Contact us council tax to make a claim.

You can also claim if your property is occupied by a person who is severely mentally impaired.

Apply for discount for a person who is severely mentally impaired

Exemption for an unoccupied property owned by a charity

You can apply for an exemption for an unoccupied property (for a maximum period of 6 months) if the property was last occupied in the furtherance of the charities aims and objectives, this is a Class B exemption.

Apply for council tax exemption for properties owned by a charitable body


Tell us if your annexe is occupied and who occupies it.

If it is occupied by a dependent relative who is:

  • aged 65 years or older, OR disabled, OR severely mentally impaired

You may not have to pay council tax for the annexe, or for a self-contained part of your property which is occupied by the dependent relative.

  • If the occupier of the annexe is related to the occupier of the main dwelling, the annexe occupier may be entitled to a 50% reduction in their council tax liability.
  • If the annexe is occupied, but occupied by the same household as the main dwelling then the annexe may be subject to a 50% reduction in council tax liability.
  • If the annexe is unoccupied and incapable of being occupied because it cannot be let separately then it may not be subject to council tax for any period that it remains empty.

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Disabled persons discount

Tell us what alterations you have made to your property to meet the needs of a disabled person.

Adaptations that could qualify for a discount include:

  • a room other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet which is used mainly by the disabled person
  • an additional bathroom or kitchen used by the disabled person
  • extra space inside the home for a wheelchair

Your property may be reduced by one valuation band, which means you will pay less council tax.

If your property is in valuation band A the disabled reduction amount will be 1/9th of the band D charge.

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Staying in a care home or hostel

Contact us council tax for a list of homes and hostels where you do not have to pay council tax.

Alternatively, you can claim 50% off your bill if you and everyone else in your household is:

  • staying in a care home, or
  • living in certain hostels.

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Find out what benefits you could get

Use our BetterOff Kirklees website for information on income-related benefits, tax credits, contribution-based benefits, Council Tax Reduction, Carer's Allowance, Universal Credit and how your benefits will be affected if you start work.

PaperclipTo complete this assessment you will need accurate information about your:-

  • savings
  • income, including your partner’s (from payslips, for example)
  • existing benefits and pensions (including anyone living with you)
  • outgoings (such as rent, mortgage, childcare payments)
  • council tax bill
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