This page is about memorials in public spaces, including parks and green spaces. it is not about memorials in cemeteries and crematoriums.

We welcome the celebration of the individuals, events and communities that have contributed to the rich heritage of Kirklees and its towns and communities.

We support the needs and principles of memorials and plaques on and in buildings, parks and green spaces, which commemorate events, groups or individuals which have made a significant, lasting contribution to the history and culture of Kirklees and its communities.

We recognise that these facilities have many uses and are enjoyed by a wide range of people, and will seek to ensure that the issue is managed and supported for the mutual benefit of all.


We are currently not accepting any new applications for memorial benches in our parks. Please check this page for updates.


Public memorial application process flowchart

Apply to erect a memorial

Stage 1: Application

We recommend you read our Memorial and Commemorative Plaque Policy

If you have a query, contact the Corporate Landlord Section for advice:

Allow a realistic timescale for the delivery of a project

To achieve an agreement for a project requires developing an acceptable design and acquiring the necessary approvals. These include:

  • Approval from the council as landlord
  • Any statutory approvals like planning permission
  • Support from ward councillors and interested community groups

This can be a complex process involving consultations with many agencies and third parties. Only make an application after reading the policy and consulting appropriately.

Don't apply for statutory approvals until you receive Stage 1 approval

Apply for a memorial in a public space

Fill in our online form

Clock Completing this form takes around 45 minutes.

Paperclip You must provide a brief description of the memorial, e.g. plaque, monument, including size, proposed construction material(s), plans and drawings if available.

Paperclip You must tell us how the memorial will be maintained.


After you've applied

  • The proposal will be considered by council officers in consultation with elected members and other relevant parties.
  • Reference will be made where necessary to the council's Cabinet Committee Assets.
  • You will be notified in writing whether your application is successful and you have approval in principle.

If you are successful

You progess to Stage 2 where you must apply for and secure planning permission and any associated consents.

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Stage 2: Statutory approvals

Once the principle of the memorial has been agreed, your application(s) for planning permission can be submitted.

You can Get pre-application planning advice from the council or seek external professional planning advice, for instance from an architect.

Apply for planning permission

Fill in the online form on the Planning Portal


You are also responsible for obtaining any other associated statutory approvals and consents, such as building regulations approval.

Stage 3: Licence

Once the planning application has been determined and necessary approvals granted, the council will:

  • issue the licence agreement for the site of the memorial.
  • agree access arrangements and timescales for the installation of the memorial.
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