Listed buildings are included on a government list of historic buildings protected from part or complete demolition and alterations which are unsympathetic to the character of the building.


How to find out if a building is listed

Search the National Heritage List for England

Clock You can make a simple or advanced search, or search on a map.


After you have searched

You will receive a list of the buildings that are listed and other heritage assets in the area you looked for.

You can view details including a map of each individual site.


The search information is indicative only, and doesn't identify every listed building or structure.

Under listed buildings legislation, structures within or surrounding the curtilage of a listed building may also be protected, and may be geographically remote from the principal building. The maps should not therefore be relied upon as definitive.

If you are unsure about the status of a building or structure please Contact Planning to clarify the actual extent of the listing for any particular site.

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