Kirklees Council carries out regular scheduled safety inspections across its highways network. These are carried out by a team of trained and accredited highway engineers. Inspections are undertaken on monthly, three monthly, six monthly and twelve-monthly cycles, dependent on the road.

Although we all notice imperfections on the roads, our engineers will only schedule repairs for defects, such as potholes, which present a danger to highway users.

It is possible for defects to appear or develop further between scheduled inspections and we encourage you to report these.

How to report a pothole

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

Paperclick To complete this form you must tell us:

  • The road name
  • Number of potholes
  • A description of the exact location, for example:
    • outside or between certain house numbers
    • outside the name of a business
    • near or between street lamp numbers
    • at a road junction or between two road junctions.

Please make sure you include the house numbers, name of business, street light numbers or names of roads that intersect junctions. The more specific you are the easier it will be for our team to find the pothole.

Report a pothole online

After you have reported it

We are unable to respond to a repair request unless you have given the required information.

If you provide your email address, you will:

  • receive an email confirmation of your report
  • receive an update about what has been done once action has been taken.
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