How to request or object to a road closure, diversion routes, permanent and temporary closures, closures for demonstrations, parades and street parties.

How to request a road closure

Contact us to request a closure.

Paperclip You will need to tell us:

  • the location
  • dates the closure is required
  • type of work to be carried out
  • a plan of the diversion route.

The cost of a closure is at least £962 for 4 weeks, but could be more depending on the duration of the closure.

Contact us

Permanent closure of roads and footpaths

  • A highway can only be permanently closed to implement a valid planning permission project or if it is no longer needed for public use.

Temporary closure of roads and footpaths

  • At least 9 weeks notice is required unless it is an emergency.
  • The cost of a closure is at least £962 for 4 weeks, but could be more depending on the duration of the closure.
  • This is normally due to streetworks or roadworks being carried out by a utility company (such as British Telecom, Transco or Yorkshire Water).
  • Temporary closures can be in effect for a period of from 1 day to 18 months.
  • A diversion route should be signed for you to follow.


Where a request to cancel a TTRO is received within two weeks of the start date then the full cost of the TTRO will be payable. Where a cancellation request is received with more than two weeks notice then a reasonable charge for costs incurred by Kirklees Council may be charged, and you will be advised of the relevant amount. Cancellation requests must be in writing to:

Traffic management

If you are applying for a road closure on a busy highway or where public transport will be affected, you will also need to have a full traffic management plan in place. A traffic management company will be able to provide the support you need to undertake this work and will provide signs, arrange any route diversions, provide maps and operatives to oversee the road closure. Our Highways team will be able to provide you with contacts for local companies that offer this service.

Events and parades

  • Closures for events and parades can only be granted with the written agreement of the Police , Metro (West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Authority) and the council.
  • All of the council's costs involved in organising the closure must be paid by the event organiser.
  • All required signage as agreed with the council (including diversion route signage) must be organised and paid for by the event organiser.
  • For larger events up to three months are needed to properly organise and coordinate them.


  • Demonstrations are not dealt with by the council. The Police must be contacted so they can make required arrangements.
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