When we 'adopt' a road, it means that the council becomes responsible for maintaining and repairing it. Until a road has been adopted, it remains private and the responsibility of the developer or landowner.

Adopted roads

  • An adopted road is a term used to describe council ownership and responsibility for a road.
  • Adopted roads are maintained by the council as highway authority.
  • On new estates there is usually an agreement between the council and the developer that the council will take on responsibility for the roads. If you are buying a house on a new estate your solicitor will find this out as part of their conveyancing service.

Unadopted roads

  • An unadopted road is a private street which is maintained by the local residents rather than the highway department.
  • The council as a highway authority have no obligation to carry out repairs or cleansing to the street.
  • The public may have a right to use the road and most traffic regulations still apply.
  • Existing private roads will not normally be adopted unless they are brought up to current standards by the owners of the road.

New roads in development

Highways adoption: Guidance and standards - These highways guidance notes and standard details help developers design and construct roads and paths suitable for adoption by Kirklees Council.

  • Completion and adoption of a new road on a new development requires a Section 38 Agreement between the developer and the council.
  • The council makes sure new roads are constructed to the required standard.
  • The agreement includes a bond that ensures the council can construct the road if the developer does not.

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