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Vehicle emissions are a major contributor to our carbon footprint and local air quality. The council has a big role to play in helping Kirklees residents and visitors transition to greener modes of transport. Electric vehicles are part of the sustainable travel hierarchy. They are a more sustainable mode of transport than traditional petrol and diesel cars. They form part of the solution to help us tackle air pollution and meet our climate change and air quality objectives, along with:

Benefits of owning an electric vehicle

  • Cheaper to run, especially if you can charge from home
  • Improved air quality and health
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • More reliable - fewer moving parts, means fewer breakdowns

Our approach to public electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure

Charging electric vehicles at home is convenient, but not everyone has access to a driveway. A network of publicly accessible charge points is needed to support residents who do not have their own off-street parking, as well as visitors to Kirklees.

We're working on a strategy to ensure there are fair and affordable charging options for everyone across the whole of Kirklees. Kirklees is a geographically diverse place; our strategy will look at a mix of charging solutions that meet the needs of local communities.

In Kirklees we:

  • Have a growing network of public electric vehicle chargepoints. Find electric vehicle charging points
  • Have over 350 green parking permits issued. Apply for a green parking season ticket
  • Have over 110 electric or hybrid vehicles in our fleet
  • Are working with West Yorkshire Combined Authority, Central government and Charge Point Operators to increase the number of charging points in Kirklees.
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