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Electric vehicles (EVs), and ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs), are vehicles that are fully or partially powered by electric power. Ultra-low emission vehicles are defined by their tail pipe (exhaust pipe) emissions:

  • ULEVs - 75 grams CO2 (carbon dioxide) per kilometre or less.
  • EVs and other plug-in electric vehicles, when driven in electric mode - no tail pipe emissions
  • Average car fuelled by petrol or diesel (conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) - 180 grams CO2 per kilometre.

EV and ULEVs can be bikes, cars and vans. Even some larger vehicles like HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) or bin wagons can be electric.

Currently, almost 40% of new car sales are plug in (SMMT data as of Dec 22). With the UK Government ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, this the number is only going to keep growing. As part of its continuing commitment to accelerate the transition to cleaner transport, the Government has also banned the sale of new plug-in hybrids from 2035.

Visit Energy saving trust - Types of electric vehicles for further information regarding the different types of electric vehicles.

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