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If you have access to off-street parking, such as a driveway or garage, then installing a dedicated charge point at your home, is the cheapest and most convenient way to charge your vehicle. Having a smart enabled charge point can help make savings and balance the electrical grid.

Things you must do

  • Make sure there is no opportunity for charging cables to trail beyond the bounds of the property onto the public highway.

Things you cannot do

If you do not have off-street parking, you cannot install a charge point on the outside of your home and trail a cable across the pavement to charge your vehicle.

  • Trailing cables across a path or pavement is prohibited, even when covered with a cable protector or ramp, or when warning signs are displayed
  • Trailing cables are a hazard to users of a path. Any issues that arise from a cable across a path put the owner of that cable under direct legal responsibility if any instances of personal injury or damage occur
  • Under the Highways Act 1980 action may be taken to remove cables that trail across the footway.

What we do not allow

  • We do not permit trailing cables across the path as a method of home charging
  • We do not permit the installation of cable channels or gullies in the footway. Only the council can install or authorise the installation of equipment on the highway and paths.

We are investigating the installation of cable gullies and are continually reviewing our approach to this and other on-street charging solutions.

The above is currently under review and we will continue to observe what other local authorities provide for on-street charging. We are also exploring bids to trial such technologies, allowing for a smoother and safer transition to electric vehicles.

Public charge points

While we will not install a private on-street chargepoint we are assessing demand for public charge points.

Charging at work

If you regularly commute to and park at a place of work, talk to your employer about the possibility of having workplace charging installed.

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