The Green One is an annual permit and can be used every day throughout Kirklees in council car parks and on-street pay and display parking places.

Any maximum stay must be complied with and a time clock has to be displayed, set at the time of arrival, alongside the Green One permit.

Having a Green One permit does not guarantee a parking space.


Fully electric vehicles - £150.00 annual fee which is non-refundable

Low CO2 emission vehicles - £350.00 annual fee which is non-refundable

Parking clock - £10.00

If you change your vehicle to another qualifying vehicle, an admin charge of £20 will be required for the issue of a new permit.


Your vehicle must be:

  • Fully electric or produce CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km.
  • Powered by an alternative fuel, bi-fuel, or dual fuel, and not solely by petrol or diesel.
  • Have either been manufactured to run on alternative fuel or converted to run on alternative fuel.

You must supply

  • The vehicle registration document (V5C) sent to you by the DVLA on application (including the pages that confirm the vehicle is fully electric or low emissions)
  • If appropriate a copy of the 'conformity certificate' that certifies the vehicle make, model, engine, type of conversion, equipment fitted and the emissions including the company details of the 'Transport Energy approved' garage, installer, or main dealer.
  • Your vehicle registration number.

Apply for or renew a green parking permit

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Apply for or renew a green parking permit

After you've applied

  • Applications for the Green One permit will usually be processed within 7 days provided you have supplied the necessary information.
  • Where additional information or clarification is required then the issue of your Green One permit will be delayed until the correct information is received.

Terms and conditions

  • You must abide by all the Conditions of Use as detailed on the permit, on-line application form, on correspondence and on the Council website.
  • If a payment for a permit is required, then non-payment or a default with the payment will result in the permit not being issued or if issued being cancelled.
  • To verify entitlement and to help enforce the scheme your information may be given to relevant organisations on request. The organisations include the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), other Local Authorities and law enforcement agencies.
  • Any attempt to defraud the scheme will lead to the council taking appropriate and available action including the issue of a penalty charge notice.
  • A penalty charge notice may be issued to any vehicle not correctly displaying a permit or time clock if required.
  • The council reserves its right to cancel any permit at any time and at its own discretion and will give the permit holder written notice of doing so.

Cancelling a permit

If you wish to cancel your permit this must be in writing to:

If you lose your permit or time clock

You will need to request a new one.

There is a charge of £20 for a replacement permit.

There is a charge of £10 for a replacement time clock.

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