An area of lowered kerbs or pavement to let vehicles get from the road to a drive or parking area is called a vehicular crossing.

Request a dropped kerb or pavement

You will need to contact Kirklees Direct.

Phone 01484 221000

If you live in a council owned property or one the council used to own you will need to get permission from Homes and Neighbourhoods:

Website Contact Homes and Neighbourhoods

They will ask you to explain your intentions and provide a drawing of the proposed parking area.

If they grant permission, you must then contact us to apply.

Contact Streetscene

Payable to the contractor you choose to do the work

  • Between £500 to £600 for a standard crossing of 5 kerbs width - approximately 15ft (4.5m)

Licence fee payable to Kirklees Council

  • £142
  • Pays for permission for the contractor to work in the highway.
  • Pays for legal access to your property over the pavement with a vehicle.
  • If you live on an A or B road you will also need to apply for planning permission
  • It may not be possible to install a vehicle crossing. Example restrictions can include if the location is close to a busy road junction, near traffic lights or on a bend.
  • Problems may also arise if the proposed crossing requires the movement of street installations like telegraph poles, manholes, control cabinets and street lights.
  • A list of qualified contractors is included in the application process
  • You can choose an alternative contractor
  • The contractor must be qualified to work in the highway and provide evidence of public liability insurance in the sum of £10 million.
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