A dropped kerb is an area of lowered kerbs or pavement to let vehicles get from the road to a drive or parking area is called a vehicular crossing.

Request a dropped kerb or pavement

If you live in a council owned property or one the council used to own you will need to get permission from Homes and Neighbourhoods:

Contact Homes and Neighbourhoods.

They will ask you to explain your intentions and provide a drawing of the proposed parking area.

If they grant permission, you must then contact us to apply.

If you would like to apply for a dropped kerb and go ahead with the process, please fill out the application form below.

Apply for a dropped kerb

Once completed, please send to vehicle.crossing@kirklees.gov.uk.


Licence fee payable to Kirklees Council

  • £146
  • Pays for the survey, vehicle crossing licence, administration, and final inspection fees.
  • If the application is unsuccessful the resident will receive a letter advising them of the outcome and no fee is applicable


  • If you live on an A, B or C road you will also need to apply for planning permission
  • It may not be possible to install a vehicle crossing. Example restrictions can include if the location is close to a busy road junction, near traffic lights or on a bend.
  • Problems may also arise if the proposed crossing requires the movement of street installations like telegraph poles, manholes, control cabinets and streetlights.

Getting a contractor

  • A list of qualified contractors is included in the application process
  • You can choose an alternative contractor
  • The contractor must be qualified to work in the highway and provide evidence of public liability insurance in the sum of £10 million. It is your responsibility to ensure your chosen contractor has the necessary insurance to undertake this work.

Construction of a vehicular crossing within highway improvement schemes

If the street you live on is highlighted for an improvement scheme you can ask Highways Service if it is possible to construct a vehicular crossing facility for you as part of the scheme. This will be dependent on the nature of our works and a design engineer will need to consider your request. Please contact Highways Service as soon as possible to allow the scheme designer to consider your request and if approved build the construction into the design.

If you live in a property which is rented from Kirklees Homes and Neighbourhoods, you would need to contact your local housing officer to obtain their permission to create a driveway or hardstanding first.

You can check to see if your street is highlighted for an improvement scheme soon by viewing our highways planned maintenance programme.

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