If you have a regular problem with vehicles blocking your access or driveway, you can apply for a 'Keep Clear' marking to be put in.

The types of 'Keep Clear' road markings

There are three types of Keep Clear road markings.

H-Bar markings

H-Bar Markings under ten metres

This is the most common type of 'Keep Clear' marking. They look like a stretched letter 'H' and are painted across vehicle accesses and driveways that are less than 10 metres wide.

H-Bar markings are used to remind drivers not to park there if it would block access for vehicles, or more importantly, pedestrians crossing the road.

'Keep Clear' H-Bar markings

Keep Clear' H-Bar markings

If the access is over 10 metres wide and if vehicles parking there causes traffic congestion, we can look at providing a H-Bar marking with the words 'Keep Clear' in it.

'Keep Clear' markings for queuing traffic

Keep Clear’ markings
                            for queuing traffic

If the problem is with queuing traffic blocking your access or driveway, we can provide a marking that says 'Keep Clear' and has a line above and below to show the space that should be left clear.

How much these markings cost

The current charge for a standard H-Bar road marking is £270 (including VAT - Updated 1 April 2024).

The charges for having the other types of marking (with the 'Keep Clear' wording) vary, depending on the size of the area for example. You will be quoted for this type of work if you require a 'Keep Clear' road marking.

If you are registered disabled and have a Blue Badge, your marking would be provided free of charge.

If you have a Kirklees Passport (priority or access), you would get the marking for half the current (or quoted) price.

Things to bear in mind

  • These markings are only provided to let others know that the area needs to be kept clear. This is because it is an access point to a property, and parking across it would cause an obstruction. Causing an obstruction is an offence that could carry a fixed penalty charge.
  • We can only put markings down where there is a legal vehicle crossing point (a dropped kerb) in front of an access or a driveway. If you don't have a vehicle crossing point, you can ring Streetscene and Housing on: Phone 01484 414700 and ask for a 'vehicle crossing licence pack'.
  • We cannot provide 'Keep Clear' markings on the opposite side of the road to your access or driveway.
  • We cannot provide markings where the problem only happens occasionally or for short periods of time, such as school start and finish times for example.
  • We cannot put 'Keep Clear' markings in turning areas of cul-de-sacs. These areas are just for vehicles to turn in.
  • 'Keep Clear' markings are not put in to reserve a parking space for your own vehicle. If you regularly park on the marking, this would show others that access isn't really needed so they would think it's okay to park on it too.

    Markings that are continually parked on by the resident will be removed.

How to apply

Apply for a 'Keep Clear' road marking

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

For us to investigate the request for a 'Keep Clear' road marking, you must:-

  • Live at the property.
  • Have a regular problem with vehicles blocking your access or driveway.
  • Have a legal vehicle crossing point (a dropped kerb) in front of an access or driveway.
Apply online

After you have applied

  • A council officer will visit your property to survey the site and check the width of the access.
  • If the officer believes that a 'Keep Clear' marking is not appropriate, your application will be turned down.
  • If your application is approved, we will send you a plan within 15 days of the survey and we'll ask you to pay for the work if applicable.

Contact Streetscene

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