A disabled parking marking is a rectangular box that contains a symbol of a person in a wheelchair in the centre.

Markings in town centres are controlled by a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and are legally enforceable.

Markings outside people's homes are only advisory.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for a disabled person's parking bay, you must:

  • live at the property
  • get either Personal Independence payment (PIP) (at the enhanced mobility rate) or Attendance Allowance (if you are over 65) or have a Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI)
  • have a valid Blue Badge and
  • keep a vehicle permanently at the property

If there is any off-street parking (including a garage, a yard or a driveway) that you can use with ease, then unfortunately you would not qualify for a disabled parking bay.

It is not reserved for one person. Other disabled car users are allowed to park within it.

How much this costs

You do not have to pay for a disabled parking marking outside your house. The cost of providing it is met by the council.

How to apply

Apply for a disabled person's residential parking bay online

Paperclip To complete this form you will need to upload the following:-

  • a copy of your mobility award (Personal Independence Payment), or your Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI)
  • a copy of your vehicle registration documents (V5). If you have a motability vehicle, a copy of your vehicle invoice will be required instead of your V5 document.
  • a copy of your current insurance certificate

If you are unable to upload this evidence you can post or email us them withing 14 days of your application. Please do not send original documents - photocopies are fine.

Evidence not received within this timescale will result in the application process ending.

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

Apply online

After you've applied

  • Your application is passed to the Community Projects Officer for assessment.
  • We'll look at the address to see if it's suitable for a disabled person's parking bay.
  • An officer examines the site and assesses road safety implications.
  • We will write and consult with neighbours who will be affected by the marking to see if they have any objections. If objections are received, these are passed onto the Local Ward Councillors who make the final decision.
  • We will reply to you directly to confirm if you can have a disabled marking. This can take up to 12 weeks.

When it is not possible to have a disabled parking marking

  • If it encourages others to park in an area where they are not supposed to.
  • Where it may cause an obstruction on a narrow road.
  • If any of your neighbours object to the parking bay then your application may be refused.
  • If you have applied for a marking but you do not own a vehicle.
  • If you have no vehicle, but receive frequent ambulance visits.

Disabled parking markings on unadopted highways

  • These are not the responsibility of the council.
  • They have to be agreed and funded by the landowner.
  • Permission and approval should be sought from all the householders and property owners who live on the unadopted street or road.

Contact Streetscene

If you need help with completing or downloading the application form you can call into one of our Customer service centres

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