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About school meals

School meals

  • School meals in high schools take place in our food courts called Eat.In. Food courts are more 'grown up', providing an educational and social event and a more 'adult' experience.
  • Some high schools have noodle bars, curry and Mexican bars and some have breakfast clubs and morning break service, where students have the freedom to choose from a slice of toast to a sausage or bacon sandwich, or a cereal bar.
  • High School meals are hot, healthy and nutritious, and research shows that eating better at lunchtime helps to maintain concentration levels into the afternoon.
  • A two-course meal at a set price of £2.70 is available in all high schools. Other choices are all very reasonably priced.

Cashless system (ParentPay)

ParentPay allows parents to top up these accounts by making payments by credit and debit card and at local PayPoint stores. There is no need for your child to take cash to school. Parents can set a maximum daily spend, and are alerted when the account needs to be topped up.

For those students who are entitled to free meals, the biometric recognition system in all schools allows them to purchase a meal in exactly the same way as every other student. The allowance for a free meal is £2.70.

Through the cashless system, you can monitor your child's diet, and ensure that your child eats healthily, as they must spend their lunch money on food from the school food court and nowhere else.

High school menus

All high schools follow the same weekly high school menu.

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