Colour drawings of scenes in four blueprint locations

Our blueprints are about improving towns and villages across Kirklees - creating more vibrant and varied, safe and sustainable centres that bring communities together.

Alongside the Huddersfield Blueprint and Dewsbury Blueprint, we're also developing plans for four other centres in Kirklees right now.

To support investment in each of these centres, we're developing a master plan, a Blueprint, to pinpoint areas which could really benefit from investment.

Each blueprint lays out improvements to the town centre, which should bring great benefits to the community and to local businesses. That's why we want to make sure everyone who cares about these centres has the opportunity to get involved and share their views.

We're engaging with local communities to help us develop plans for the next ten years of improvements. If you live, work in or visit any of these centres regularly, we want you to get involved and shape these plans.

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